Your simplified party planning checklist is here!

Your simplified party planning checklist is here!

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Regardless of whether you are planning a party for your parents or need to organize your wedding anniversary at home, taking note of minute details always helps, especially when there’s no planner around. In this post, we take a look at what it takes to plan a party.

  • Start with your invitations. How many guests do you intend to invite? Have you a ready guest list saved somewhere? What’s the best possible way to contact people? Preparing your invitations is easily the first step, and make sure that you have sent the emails and messages well in advance, so that people can plan their schedule.
  • Get your party supplies. While it is not necessary to have a specific theme for your party, it makes sense to shop for décor items that may highlight the occasion better. There are many websites like, which actually have a bunch of party décor stuff for sale, and it does save time to shop for everything online. Online retailers often have amazing deals and discounts, which is a big advantage.
  • Decide on catering. You basically have two choices – Either to get food that’s ready to be served or you can get caterer who will take care of the guests. If it’s a small and intimate gathering, you don’t need a professional caterer. Check what you want to do, keeping the budget in mind.
  • The food options matter. For smaller guest lists, it is rather easy to order food. Consider if you have vegan and vegetarian guests on your list. The food items often can be ordered in advance, and you just need to heat and serve, which works great for hosts who want to save on catering.
  • Consider taking help. You may not need someone to plan the party, but having a helping hand for your party is a great idea. Make sure that you have a friend, a professional helper or waiter around to serve the guests. This just ensures that you don’t have to deal with everything on the big day.

Finally, make sure that the cleaning is done in advance, and you don’t have multiple tasks to take care of. If you plan to serve drinks, count the bottles, check what more you may need, and whether you have enough choices for everyone to enjoy. Check online to find the best deals and discounts on party supplies and buy beforehand to tick off everything on the checklist.

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