Woodworm Remedies: Defend Your Timber

Woodworm Remedies: Defend Your Timber

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The word describes the larvae of a variety of wood-burrowing beetles. An pests begins whenever a beetle burrows into timbers and lays eggs throughout mating season. Mating seasons change from species to species, nevertheless the results are identical the larvae mature and eat the wood throughout their growth to their adult years. They tunnel from the wood and disappear as adult beetles, prepared to start the entire cycle again. Small holes are produced by each larvae and being of a significant substantial number, cause devastating leads to the wooden host.

You will find four primary types of woodworm

Although you will find others, these 4 primary species are the most typical timber enemy:

Niobium punctuate – The Most Popular Furniture Beetle

Heliotropes baulks – The Home Longhorn Beetle

Lyceums brunets – The Powerpost Beetle

Xestobium rufuvillosum – The Deathwatch Beetle

There’s even the Wood Boring Weevil (Euophryum confine), that’s categorized underneath the term woodwom.

Think you’ve woodworm?

The most typical woodworm pests are really through the Common Furniture Beetle which, unlike the title, includes a preference for structural wood instead of furniture. It may be recognized by exit holes of just one.5-2mm and lemon formed pellets that feel gritty to touch. In most cases yet it’s better to obtain an expert to recognize the types of woodworm. This really is because of the truth that different woodworm require different remedies as well as cause different levels of harm. The Home Longhorn Beetle Larvae for example, are bigger than other woodworm species larvae and cause much more hidden damage. A professional in treating woodworm will have the ability to counsel you around the best treatment in addition to which timbers to exchange and woodworm prevention techniques.

Making plans to avoid woodworm

Although woodworm cannot normally be viewed until an pests has happened, you will find certain measures you are able to decide to try prevent pests.


Woodworm most frequently cannot survive in dry timber moisture levels below 11% normally allow it to be very hard for woodworm to outlive. Moisture levels could be acquired via a wood moisture readers (an expert may have one of these simple, request if you’re able to borrow one). If wood is moist you might consider eliminating the moist problem, for example poor ventilation or damp conditions. Becoming dry timbers having a dehumidifier is frequently the best choice when the moist problem continues to be resolved. Long-term utilization of a dehumidifier isn’t suggested, consider getting the moist sorted.


If timber is uncovered it’s simpler for woodworm to achieve entry. Coating timbers in preventative offers is definitely any option. Injection of gear to fill previous woodworm infection holes can also be necessary. These will both enable you to identify if further infection happens.

Periodic variations

Different species burrow at different occasions of the season and also have different existence cycles. The easiest method to combat this really is to be careful for moist once the weather conditions are more damp and also to search for larval holes once the weather conditions are warmer. Beetles such as the moist, larvae such as the warmth.

Dealing with a woodworm pests

Regardless of woodworm infection, softwood or hardwood, furniture or structural, the first the avenue for call ought to be a woodworm specialist. Moist proofing companies frequently have woodworm specialists like a large part of stopping woodworm originates from stopping moist. A lot of companies execute free surveys and may perform same-day woodworm remedies. A professional can also be required to survey the quality of damage triggered by woodworm and replace any vital structural timbers. If furnishings are have contracted woodworm, getting rid of it out of your home may be beneficial, staying away from elevated pests. Management of common types of woodworm can involve the injection of certain poisons, which take dependent on hrs to operate. However, infection using the Dying Watch Beetle may take a couple of times of fumigation to eradicate the issue. The problem of yeast infection within wood after woodworm pests may also be worked with a professional.