Window Cleaning: No Detergent? Try Vinegar!

Window Cleaning: No Detergent? Try Vinegar!

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Window cleaning can be a very tricky process, which includes identifying the best techniques to use so as to eliminate the culprits stealing your shine. Dirt, grease and grime are not your best friends as they give the surface of our windows a stubborn top layer that often times does not disappear with one wipe. Window cleaning takes patience, skill and the experience of good old vinegar to get it right sometimes. Vinegar has been a part of homes for centuries, blessing any surface that has been lucky enough to be graced by it. Unlike the chemical composition of manufactured detergents used in window cleaning vinegar is potentially harmless to every surface area inclusive of the human body.

Why Vinegar?

Window cleaning has borrowed the skills of Vinegar to produce a memorable shine. Vinegar, thanks to its acidic composition has the potential to rid surfaces, especially those made of glass of any harmful bacteria hiding on them. It can, therefore, be said that the benefits of Vinegar are two-fold as it offers not only aesthetic appeal but provides considerable protection from harmful bacteria. Windows, as we know, are always prone to unattractive, builds up caused by deposited dust dirt, grease and grime. Vinegar, based on its composition is quite capable of eliminating these unwanted campers thereby producing the sought after streak-free window.

How is Vinegar Used to Clean Windows?

Window cleaning with vinegar is a pretty simple process. All you will need is a bottle of Vinegar, a bucket and water.

  • Simply half the bucket with water, whether tap or hot water.
  • Then pour Vinegar in the bucket to compensate for the other half empty section.
  • Once the solution has been made simply apply it to the surface of the window with a tool of your choice: squeegee, lint-free rag, sponge, or mop.

Window cleaning with vinegar follows a similar process as cleaning with any other detergent, so ensure that you follow the same pre-wash regiment that you have developed to remove any excessive amount of build on your windows. Depending on the build-up as well, it might also be best to alter the vinegar concentration to your specific needs.

Window cleaning can be made quite easy an inexpensive if you decide to utilize your everyday products such as soap and water or Vinegar water solution. Vinegar is inexpensive, easily accessible and provides double coverage in terms of shine and protection. Its miraculous nature has made it popular in households for a very long time and I doubt it will lose its popularity any time soon. Have a problem with getting your windows to see the sun? Give this homemade vinegar solution a try and the results might be blindingly beautiful!