Will Your Pet Like Artificial Grass?

Will Your Pet Like Artificial Grass?

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While many people favour artificial grass due to how easy it is to maintain and how appealing it looks throughout the year regardless of season, the one lingering reservation amongst pet owners is whether their pets will be comfortable on it. Will your pet like artificial turf? The answer to that question is a strong yes. Pets do enjoy playing and resting on it. There is a false misconception that has been shopped around for a while now purporting that pets do not enjoy synthetic grass as much as the real thing. This assertion has no basis whatsoever.

The benefits for you and your pet

Having artificial grass in your home carries a number of benefits for both you and your pet. These benefits include:

  • Given the fact that synthetic grass very easy to maintain, it can be used by your pets all year round as you do not have to restrict your pets from playing on it because you are mowing, fertilising or weeding it. These activities often involve the use of chemicals which will force you to keep your pets indoors.
  • Synthetic grass is permeable and easily absorbs any urine produced by your pets. Any faeces on the grass can also be easily and hygienically removed without them staining it. A pet owner can, therefore, rest assured in the fact that is his grass stands no risk of being damaged.
  • Synthetic grass is also very easy to clean and does not stain easily. Any accumulated liquid in the grass fibres can be easily drained out so that it does not become a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infections to your pets.
  • With synthetic grass, you do not have to worry about muddy paw prints ruining the grass or your pets suffering from ringworm. You also have the added advantage of having a flawless surface without any patches of worn out or dead grass.

Using the correct infill

Most brands of artificial pets are good for your pets but one should be careful to ensure that certain aspects check out. The underside of most brands of synthetic grass is composed of a special undergrowth whose purpose is to support the yarn. While this undergrowth helps the grass to look as realistic as possible, the downside of it is that dirt can accumulate inside it.

In the event that this dirt is not cleaned regularly, it might build up deep inside the grass making it harder to clean it out.This problem necessitates pet owners to use the correct infill which will prevent this accumulation of dirt inside the undergrowth. The advantage of doing this is that it makes it easier to clean the grass which will prevent the buildup of bacteria.


Once pets, especially dogs, are exposed to a new lawn, they automatically want to put it to the test. Non-infill artificial grass does not possess the strength and durability to withstand the aggressive play and paws of pets. The synthetic grass may end up wearing away and breaking down. Synthetic grass with the right infill however, lasts a long time.

What all these benefits prove is that the correct answer to “Will your pet like artificial turf?” Is not only saying yes, but also stating the fact they will actually love it.

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