Will An Organic Cotton Mattress Help You Get Better Sleep?

Will An Organic Cotton Mattress Help You Get Better Sleep?

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We live in a fast-paced society where most people, in an attempt to keep up with everyday jam-packed sessions, would rather cut down on sleep than their commitments. Yet sleep is a very important aspect of both physical and mental health. Many people convince themselves that they only need a few hours of sleep to function. Some also confess they’re getting adequate sleep even when half the time they’re in bed they’re still working on their smartphones or laptops.

But what’s the relationship between sleep and mattresses? And how much sleep do you really need?

Sleep scientists recommend up to 17 hours of sleep for newborns, 15 hours for infants and up to 14 hours per night for toddlers. Children aged three to five years should have at least ten to thirteen hours of sleep, children aged six to thirteen 11 hours minimum teenagers between 14 and 17 years should have a minimum 8 hours of sleep. For adults, sleep scientists recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

With all these recommended sleep amounts, the focus should be more on the quality of sleep as opposed to the quantity. Quality is determined by the comfort of the sleeping material including bedding, bed sheets, and pillows.

Organic cotton mattresses Indian are designed with a focus on health, safety, and comfort. The quality of sleep that you get by sleeping on organic cotton mattresses will improve your immune system. People, who sleep on traditional mattresses even if it’s to the recommended sleeping duration, are more susceptible to illnesses like allergic reactions and other lifestyle diseases. People who sleep on quality mattresses have also been observed to find it easier to lose weight.

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How can you improve your sleep?

Undoubtedly the best way to ensure that you get a better sleep is to improve your sleep environment. Organic cotton mattresses Indian are firm and will hold you in place without sinking. They are also breathable to ensure that you’re not woken up by wetness from your sweat. The mattress will naturally keep you cooler so that you remain comfortable throughout the night.

Organic cotton mattress Indian come in different comfort levels to choose from. Moreover, you can customize the support and comfort layers. These mattresses are available for the entire family so you can buy an organic cotton mattress for your baby’s crib and a one for your king size bed.

Sleeping on organic cotton mattresses is just one way of improving the quality of your sleep environment. Other things you should do include putting your phone away while in bed, dimming lights and switching to soft music or eliminating music and other forms of entertainment.

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