Why You Should Have Your Chimney Inspected Every Year

Why You Should Have Your Chimney Inspected Every Year

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Having your chimney checked every year by a chimney cleaner West Haven CT will ensure the health of your chimney. It will not only last longer, but it will perform better. You chimney should be checked for everything from structural damage to having its carbon monoxide levels checked.

Checking the Structure of the Chimney

If the structure of your chimney has a crack in it, it can be leaking out dangerous fumes. Your heating bills will also go up if your chimney is not inspected by chimney cleaning Trumbull CT and is not working properly. A video inspection will be performed to check for everything from the chimney lining to abnormalities in the flue. Since many of these issues cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is important to have a professional chimney inspector check your chimney once a year for any issues.

Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep contractor Fairfield CT will perform a chimney inspection video will also check for any soot that has built up in the structure of the chimney. If this is the case, a chimney sweep will have to be performed. Dangerous fireplace flues and soot should be cleaned at least once a year to protect from chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other fireplace hazards. Once the chimney sweep is complete, your chimney will be performing at its best once again.

You May Need Chimney Relining

You chimney liner is what protects the chimney’s structure from damage. Without the chimney liner working properly, it can expose your home to dangerous gases and even cause fires. A new stainless steel chimney liner will help keep dangerous gases, heat, sparks and flue inside the chimney, which will properly vent outside the house.

At Rick’s Chimney Service, we are an honest company that will never charge you for any service you do not absolutely need. We’ve been in the chimney business since 1996, and since then have been going strong. With over 3,800 satisfied customers to date, we can ensure you that you will have honest service with a fully-functioning chimney.

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