Why So Many Businesses are Choosing to Set Up in Manchester

Why So Many Businesses are Choosing to Set Up in Manchester

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Manchester is a leading UK city located in the north west of England. The city is home to more than 500,000.00 people and more than one million people call the greater Manchester area home. Manchester has been an industrialised city since the earliest times of the industrial revolution. Manchester is currently experiencing a boom in popularity amongst business start-ups, research has shown that at the moment, more businesses are opening their doors in Manchester than in London.

We asked the question, why are so many businesses setting up in Manchester?

Manchester is located in an ideal part of the country, it offers easy access to international airports, road and rail networks. This means that people and goods can be transported to and from Manchester with relative ease. With today’s rising transportation costs being located close to international transportation hubs is important for many businesses.

Commercial property for sale in Manchester is also priced significantly lower than in many other areas across the UK, making it easier for new businesses to acquire their own premises. The Manchester local authorities are also playing an active role in motivating businesses to set up shop in the city via a host of incentive programs aimed at small businesses.

Manchester offers a lot to its residents. There are several great restaurants, entertainment options and living areas throughout Manchester. It is crucial for any business to have reliable employees and research has shown that areas with happy residents have more satisfied employees. It is easy for businesses to find reliable employees in Manchester and the cost of living is lower than in areas like London allowing people to work for slightly lower salaries. Manchester has a lot to offer to employees and employers making it attractive to both.

It seems that the biggest driving force behind the rapid expansion of business activity in the Manchester area is the availability of high-quality commercial property. Commercial property for sale in Manchester offers larger spaces at better prices. Acquiring property is one of the biggest expenses that any business will ever undertake, this leads to investors putting a great deal of thought into where they want to purchase their first commercial property. Manchester makes a lot of investment sense which is another reason why so many businesses are choosing to establish themselves in the city.

Certain industries such as the tech industry are especially welcome in Manchester. According to the UK tech innovation index Manchester in the third most active tech city. The city offers many educational institutions that specialise in training people for this industry and as a result, many students stay in Manchester and work for tech firms. The tech firms are being attracted to the city because of the readily available supply of specialised workers, this seems to be another win-win situation for employers and employees.

Manchester has always been known for its innovative ways of adapting to the times, it was one of the first cities in the world to embrace the industrial revolution and it is now embracing the technological revolution. No matter from which angle you look at it, Manchester is a great place to set up your next business!