Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel Balustrade For Your Staircases?

Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel Balustrade For Your Staircases?

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If you have ever given attention to stairs of a flight, you must have noticed the contemporary nature, tactic feel and aesthetic sleek appearance of it. A polished balustrade can enhance the appeal of a dull staircase. This guide will brief you some more benefits of using stainless steel hand railing and balustrade.

Some Benefits

  • Better Durability

As compared to wood, which has chances of scratching, splitting, and fading, steel balustrades are long lasting. These balustrades don’t get rusted and stand well both for outdoor and indoor usage. Once installed and fitted properly, steel elements balustrades require minimum repairs and occasional cleaning and maintenance.

  • Matches Easily

Stainless steel balustrades match easily with any type of decor be it rustic or contemporary. It goes well with various types of materials such as stone, glass or wood. In fact, when combined with these materials, it provides appealing yet contrasting look. You can mix and match it with various types of materials for creating a customised design for your office or home.

  • Easy Way To Create Luxury Look

You can have a satin or mirrored look with steel balustrades. Both of these offer you an aesthetic appeal irrespective of the material you’re pairing it with. Pairing your steel balustrade against a mahogany, dark wood handrail will give you luxury, eye-catching and cutting-edge look. You can also curve these balustrades round for Hollywood glamour look.

  • Easy On-Site Fabrication

Most of the stainless-steel handrails and balustrades are fabricated on site. This is in sharp contrast to other materials, which are fabricated and designed in factory and then are transported to the site for assembling.

The major advantage of getting them fabricated on site is that the chances of error get reduced to a greater extent and the work takes place with better accuracy. Besides this, you can ask the fabricator to polish the handrails and balustrades once the fabrication is complete. Such a practice ensures that you are saved with more time and inconvenience.

Some Considerations

There are few things that you should keep in mind while installing balustrades at your facility. Successful installation of stainless steel balustrades depends upon the design and material which you are planning to use.  Therefore, you should take all safety measures to ensure that installation of your balustrades goes without any hassle.


Hope this guide will give you enough reasons to go for stainless steel balustrades for your home.