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Having bought paintings, the next issue is to select a decent place to put up the paintings. A great deal of effort is wasted when the best paintings fail to have an audience, only because one could not notice it. Think about an artist who loves to keep all the paintings around his studio. When visitors come to his house, they fail to notice these paintings, unless a tour is given to the studio for the same purpose. Similarly, old paintings of ancestors are shoved into carts and put into the attic, without a chance of letting people have a judgement on them. Paintings are a random collection of colours on paper unless it garners onlookers and admirers. This leads to a list of the most suitable places where putting paintings will have the best influence. On careful observation, there are plenty of places around the house where paintings can be put up without worrying about people having a glimpse of it. On the contrary, if these paintings are hung up at improper places, it may remain unseen and unappreciated.

The choice of selection of places around the house is preference. On arrival of visitors around the house, the first places they are taken to are the big drawing rooms, the living rooms and the dining rooms. It is natural that these places have the maximum number of people who are necessary to provide the desired audience required for a painting. The living room is the crux of the house, which echoes with the emotions of every person, even though they live in separate rooms. Such rooms are incomplete without a humongous sized painting of all the family members. The theme of the painting reverberates the achievements of the ancestors who predated us and made it big during their time. There is nothing more appropriate than paintings which can depict such occasions. The classier it appears to be, the more it makes people think about the royalty and the aristocracy of the family.

The next most preferred place is the dining room. Other than the living room and the drawing room, the dinner table happens to be the common get together spot of all the members of the family. It is more than a reason to have these rooms fashioned with the paintings of families, or family vacations, or any memorable and interesting part of memory which nobody would like to forget.  Savoring the delicacies while looking at these awesome paintings is guaranteed to lighten and brighten up the mood and make others forget all the stored up frustration. Once again, restaurants and cuisine places have their interiors decorated with paintings to make the place more attractive. Most of the dining sets like coffee mugs, tabletops, ups have also become places with a touch of art. Not only art, but these articles are also carved and shaped in an artistic manner, adding an extra dimension to make paintings as masterpieces. Next time if the atmosphere around the dining table is one of silence and seriousness, put up a nice old family painting and observe as more and more people appreciate it, talk about it, discuss it and feel happy about it.

Not only the largest and most audience filled rooms, there are places around the house where paintings have been successful in adding the special effect. Study rooms, kitchen rooms, bedrooms are some of them to mention. The fact that bedrooms must have paintings does not even need explanation. Study tables which are piled up with books, notes, papers and heaps of study material can become a bit more appealing when a small laminated picture is kept on it. Each and every time a student becomes happy when these art pieces find their ways into the study table corners. Kitchens are one of the most underrated places where people expect the least to be adorned with art. But there is no reason for kitchen to be excluded. Imagine cooking a meal for which a person has to spend hours in front of the oven or microwave. At such times, small paintings hung up on the walls or on the doors of the fridges do bring a smile to the face. Anywhere where routine and mundane jobs make up a boring place can be lightened up with emotional boosters. And what better choice than paintings to help in such situations?

One of the portals for custom painting is Portrait Flip. It is a blooming start-up which specializes in custom painting services over a range of different types of paintings. Pet animal portrait, family paintings, couple paintings, wedding paintings, group photos and all such types of paintings are welcome here. The only need is to send the pictures to them online. Not only the subject but the material used for making these paintings has an added variance. Any one among Oil, water colour and charcoal can be selected accordingly as a choice for sketching these paintings. The frame sizes can be categorized into big-sized, medium-sized, small-sized and custom sized paintings. Once the options have been selected followed by an interactive session with artists for any clarifications, the painting is done and shipped to the location of the customer’s residence, within a short span of time. It is a delight to have our rooms decorated with paintings which find a place deep down the bottom of our hearts!

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