When to Call a Professional Spider Exterminator

When to Call a Professional Spider Exterminator

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It is not uncommon to see a spider speeding across the kitchen counter or disappearing into a crack on the office wall, but how many of such sightings are enough to call a professional spider control exterminator? Spider infestations do not happen overnight.

It is a gradual development that you may not notice until it is too late and your home is now a large spider web. Below are six easy ways to tell if your home is being taken over by the eight-legged creepy crawlies. If you notice any of them, consider calling the experts at Elevate Pest Control for professional spider extermination.

Lots and lots of webs

Spider webs come in many forms and sizes, from small and delicately woven to large and heavily hanging webs. Webs can be from an orb-weavers spider, an even wolf or a common house spider such as the black widow, each of which builds a unique web. Survey your house to find out the most common web you see. This will help the exterminator determine the suitable pest control method for the best results.

Spider egg sacs

There is no bigger sign of a spider infestation than bumping into a clutch of spider eggs in your house. Spider eggs come concealed in many different ways. Generally, they will be in a sac carried around by the spider or hidden somewhere waiting to hatch.

One sac can have up to several hundred baby spiders inside. If they hatch, you certainly have a spider infestation. Check dark corners and all types of surfaces, including the ceiling for egg sacs. If you find more than one, do not take any action before consulting a professional spider exterminator.

Typical hideouts

Check out for spiders and webs in typical hideouts such as cracks, gaps, corners, window sills, basements, cellars, attics, cabinets, closets, and storage areas. These are among the common places where spiders hide waiting for flies, moths, ants and other insects to show up. If there are no spiders or webs in these places, you’re unlikely to find them elsewhere in the house. You should thus always check ‘typical’ hideouts first.

Frequency and entry

If all you see are lots and lots of spiders on your walls and no spider webs or egg sacs anywhere in the house, chances are they are residing outside and using cracks and gaps in walls, doors, and windows to get inside. Take a look around your front porch and deck and try to locate where the spiders are coming from.

Avoid destroying any webs you find outside to prevent the spiders scattering and moving inside the house. Instead, call a professional spider exterminator and tell them everything you found out. An expert will help identify and seal all entry points first before destroying the webs and forcing the spiders out of their hiding places.


Spider infestations can be a nightmare. If you can’t stop them from setting up house in your home, then you should buckle up for a rough time trying to get them out. Professional spider exterminators can help ease that up and make your house livable once again.

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