When Should You Replace Your Garage?

When Should You Replace Your Garage?

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If you think that replacing your garage will cost you lots of money, think again. It will cost you more– it may even cost you your life– if your leave your old garage damaged and poorly maintained.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, every year, there are more than 6,000 garage fires in homes resulting in an average of 400 injuries, 30 deaths, and $450 million worth of property loss. Do you know what the main cause is? Electrical malfunction such as damaged wires, shorts in wires, and overloading electrical outlets.

You certainly don’t want to add to be part of that statistics, so you better check for indicators that will help you decide whether or not you need to replace your garage now. Ask the help of the expert garage builder and visit http://tassiesheds.com.au/ before it’s too late.

  1. Check if your garage is made up of materials that are prone to fire.

Is your garage walls made of woods? Do you store combustible materials inside such as gasoline, oil, propane, paints, and varnishes? Do you usually do your welding in your garage?

If yes, then your garage is more likely to catch fire and it’s time to keep it safe by following some simple fire safety tips from the U.S.  Fire Administration.

If you really want to ensure your safety and keep your home free from fire, you need to reconstruct your garage using premium building materials like gypsum board. It is usually used for the ceiling, walls, and partitions of the houses as it is more fire-resistant than plywood, hardboard, and fibreboard.

  1. See if your garage’s electrical connections are upgraded

It also important to double-check your garage’s electrical connections because any fault in the wirings can start a short circuit that can lead to a fire.

See if there are any damage in wires. Sometimes, rodents gnaw electrical wires. If these wires are left in the open, they can easily cause a fire.

Another thing to check is if your electrical connections allow for a larger load. If it can’t handle the wattage you need in your garage, ask the help of a professional electrical engineer so he can fix the problem.

  1. Evaluate if your garage has enough windows and an updated door to help vent out the fire

When a fire breaks out, a garage with more windows and a fire-rated door that closes and latches itself in the case of emergencies like a fire.

The windows and garage doors can help vent out the fire. While the fireproof door that separates your house and garage can help keep your house away from the fire.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your garage is a decision you should make once you discover that is no longer safe for you and your family. You should remember that more than the security and convenience, safety is the best thing you need to consider. Don’t compromise it just because you want to be able to save money.