When Should You Replace Your Double Glazing Windows?

When Should You Replace Your Double Glazing Windows?

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Single glazing windows are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Single panes and timber frames require regular maintenance and are often easily damaged. Double glazing windows offer homeowners a range of benefits and are now the most popular choice for new windows in the UK.

Most of us move into new properties, inheriting windows from the previous homeowners. Sometimes, without the proper paperwork in place, it’s difficult to know the exact time when your windows were installed. Double glazing is durable and long-lasting, but over time, replacing your windows will be a necessity.

So, when should you replace your double glazing windows?

You should consider replacing your double-glazed windows if…

They are more than 10 years old

When double glazing windows are first installed, they are in top condition. However, although they are much longer lasting than cheaper alternatives, double glazing windows still have a lifespan and can deteriorate. If your windows are more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider replacing them. Safety features may now offer less security, or the frames themselves may show significant signs of weathering.

They are damaged

If your double glazing windows are damaged, it is vital to get them replaced. Damage to the panes themselves will dramatically affect the insulation of your home by letting cool air in and letting warm air out. This, in itself, can result in higher energy bills and in more serious cases, condensation and damp within your home that can lead to costly repairs. Damage to the window frames can also be problematic too. If you suspect that your windows are damaged, it’s important to have them replaced so as to not affect the security of your home.

They are ill-fitting

Double glazing that is ill-fitting can cause all manner of problems for your property. This can be due to improper installation in the first instance, or other factors in your property affecting your window frames, such as damp or other structural issues. When replacing your windows, make sure you instruct a qualified window fitter to avoid problems with installation.

Helpful? We Hope So!

Replacing your double glazing windows has more benefits than you might think. By replacing your windows, not only can you increase the security and energy efficiency of your house, but you can also increase the sales potential of your property and even add value to your home.

The important thing to remember is that although your windows provide a pleasing aesthetic for your property, their main function should be to keep your house safe and warm. If you believe your double-glazing windows are no longer secure, or if they do not retain as much heat as they once did, you should certainly think about replacing them.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your double glazing needs replacing, it would be a good idea to contact a double glazing specialist near you that can offer no obligation advice on the replacement of your windows.