When it is Time to Call the Professionals

When it is Time to Call the Professionals

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Many people like to think that they are reasonably good at home maintenance and have the tools and equipment to deal with many of the odd jobs that occur around the house. There are times though when it is common sense to call in the experts, especially when you are dealing with things that can be potentially dangerous. There is a very good reason why people who work with gas have to be a registered installer and why electricians need to be certified as competent, being quite simply that there is no room whatsoever for error.

Gas Installations

For many years those who worked with gas installations had to be CORGI registered, meaning that they were approved by the Council for Registered Gas Installers, but since 2009 CORGI has been superseded by the Gas Safe Register, who oversee the mandatory registration scheme for all heating and plumbing engineers who work legally with gas. Aside from the fact that it is highly flammable and potentially explosive, a gas leak also has the potential to kill through its carbon monoxide levels, so it is essential that gas appliances are installed and regularly inspected, serviced and maintained by a trained individual.

Electrical Installations

While the gas industry is very clear and simple, for electricians the qualifications and certifications are far more complex, as electricians can be certified at different levels and changes in recent years have led to a certain amount of confusion. For those who only work on domestic properties, which use a single phase power, it is only necessary to qualify as a domestic installer, while those who want to work on Industrial and Commercial installations too, have a substantially longer path to achieve the necessary qualifications. You will need a level 3 Diploma to be able to trade as a fully qualified Electrician, which can be achieved through an apprenticeship over a 2 to 4 year period, or though taking a National Vocational Training course. If you are looking for a local electrician in Birmingham it is essential that you are employing someone qualified, to ensure that all of the comprehensive regulations relating to electrical installation have been properly followed. This is both for the safety of a buildings occupants and to provide a safe system which will require minimal maintenance, while providing a long service life.

Finding Qualified Plumbers and Electricians

The Gas safe Register website has a ‘find an engineer” service, which allows you to check to ensure that the engineer at your front door, is indeed properly qualified and registered. It also has a postal code engineer finder, so you can find a local technician quickly and reliably. With the electrical installation business a similar register is available through the Electrical Safety First website.

There are a number of Government approved registering bodies within the UK, all of whom are fully regulated, and using registered electricians brings many benefits. The work they do adheres to the correct health and safety codes, means that the work they are doing is insured. To maintain a place on the register, electricians work is regularly checked and assessed, and they are all required to keep up with all and any changes to working practice and legislation for your safety.

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