What would be Renovation Cost of Kitchen in Toronto?

What would be Renovation Cost of Kitchen in Toronto?

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Renovation cost of the kitchen may vary from $25K to $5K in Toronto.

Some websites in connecting consumers and contractors in Canada mentioned that renovation of an average kitchen would cost around $25.593. However, they also added it depends on the extensiveness of the renovation work and replacing. If everything in the kitchen is replaced with new items, this type of renovation can cost up to $50.000, especially when high-end cabinets are used.

For an exact kitchen renovation costs in Toronto, let’s go in for more details:

You should know where your money is going: Be it anything, the tiles of your kitchen, the appliances of the cabinet, this will make you sure about where the money is going. Here is some expenditure in Toronto during renovation:

  • Wood flooring $6,395
  • Cabinets (refurnish): $3,800
  • New cabinets with countertops: $7,400
  • Ceramic floor: $2,330
  • Stone countertops: $3,800

The Rule of 20%

If you have made some budget, you have to add 20% to 25% on the top of it to complete the budget. Some surprise costs would pop up in between of renovation. Therefore, keep some money on your hand as surprise cost and anything In between $5,000 to $6,400 is enough.

No need to splurge on everything

You should determine how you use the kitchen, and likewise, you can use cheap things on the places that you don’t use so much, and it is worth spending on the areas that you use more. If you use your stove more, you can use some stove cabinets with expensive materials. The other places which you don’t use so much, you can refurnish your existing cabinet and no need to replace them.

At the time of renovation remember you are going to eat outside more:

When your kitchen is going through the process of renovation, you won’t be able to use it like before for at least a month. So, you have to order foods from outside or go outside and eat. Don’t forget to add that extra cost of outside food in your budget.

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