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Most homeowners stress out when looking for tiles to install during their home renovation projects. This is probably because the process entails going through numerous tile patterns and designs before finally landing on the right one. There is an extensive variety of tiles available in the market, and selecting one from the numerous options available can often prove time consuming as well as strenuous.

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In addition, tiles have a relative permanence about them and as such, they are more difficult to select than other items such as light fixtures. There are quite a number of considerations to make when selecting the proper tile. All these considerations need to be taken seriously and will tie in with your personal preferences to enable you to get a visually appealing tile that is practical and durable.

Despite this, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that you make the right choice. These tips will make the selection process easier as they provide the basic guidelines to ensure you remain on the right track.

a. Stick to neutral and classic tones

If this were the first time you are installing new tiles in your home, the best piece of advice would be to ensure that you stick to a classic and neutral toned set of tiles. Refrain from going overboard with tile decorations if you have no significant previous experience in selecting tiles. In addition, stay away from the in-style but audacious colors, shapes, and patterns, as these ones might not have the style longevity you are looking for when selecting a tile.

Keep the selection as simple as possible. This is a good way to play it safe when it comes to tiling so that you do not have to incur further costs by changing the tiles shortly after installing the simply because you do not like them anymore or the tile selection is no longer trendy.

You need to remember that in most instances, the tiles placed on the surface do not need to be the room’s feature or focal point. This is the case even when you are working with designer tiles. They should not be the focus of the room, but should play an additive part.

The tile is usually there to play a supportive role, and enhance the main feature of the space. Hence, you should select a colour, pattern, and material that is not too decorative and that might obstruct attention from the focal point of the space.

b. Work with a professional

As mentioned above, tile selection is not easy, and if you are not as careful as you possibly can be, you risk making a wrong decision. To avert such a scenario, it is probably best that you speak to a professional who understands the renovation industry, as well as has a keen insight on tiling.

This professional will be in the right position to guide you on everything concerning tiles such as the multiple considerations to keep in mind during the selection process. Some of the considerations will include the visual appeal of the tile, safety, longevity, durability, and resilience.

The right professional will also be able to give you particular insights on not only the tile material to select, but also on the type of grout and grout colour that are most suitable for your home. They can also go further and explain the merits and demerits of different grout widths, and which one is suitable for the surface that you want to tile.

Many people take such small things as grout width and colour for granted. This is despite the fact that such elements can have a tremendous impact on the longevity as well as the ease of maintenance of the tiles. However, when you have an expert to guide you, you will not miss these crucial elements.