What the average person can do to protect their family from electrical hazards

What the average person can do to protect their family from electrical hazards

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If you have children then I probably do not have to tell you about how important it is to keep your children safe while inside of your home. Since you value safety as much as you do this article is perfect for you. Read on…

Every year countless sad stories about families and children passing away from electrical hazards make the news. Whether it is a Christmas tree catching on fire because of an electrical spark from a Chinese made train set, a child plugging the car keys into a light socket or the exterior holiday lights catching the roof on fire, these deaths could have been prevented!

Most important! – Hire a professional electrician to test and evaluate your homes electrical system.

First things first, you need to hire a professional electrician to come to your property and evaluate the homes electrical system to insure that the system is up to par and will be able to handle the load that you intend to put on it (especially during the holidays). The electrician will load test the circuits of the home and make repairs or suggestions where needed.

Most modern homes should be equipped with fuses or ground fault interrupter switches to avoid fire and electrocution hazards. But you cannot always trust that the circuit is protected and have to treat all electrical outlets, devices and components as potentially lethal regardless of how confident that the electrician that you have hired tries to make you feel.

When the electrician arrives at your home ask them how many watts that each outlet can handle. This way you will know which outlets work best for larger higher watt consuming devices like heaters, air conditioners and entertainment systems. Some electricians even carry stickers for the recommended wattage of each wall outlet. Or they can be purchased from a home improvement store.

Another option that you may have in your community is to hire a home inspector who is also certified as an electrician. When you hire a home inspector who is also a certified home inspector you can save significantly on inspecting the whole home. This way not only will you insure the safety of the electrical system, but other systems will be tested to insure your families safety.

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