What kind of windows are ideal for your home? Check options here!

What kind of windows are ideal for your home? Check options here!

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After years of extensive use, windows of your home must be replaced. Thankfully, contemporary home owners have plenty of choices in that regard. So, what should be the ideal window style for your home? To be honest, it depends on two things – the room and your budget. Here are the best window styles you can consider for your home.

  1. Awning windows. As the name suggests, awning windows look like awnings, and the hinges are usually on the top. The window opens outwards and allow more air and light into the room. Awning windows can be independently used for the room or can be used on the top of a door – the choice is yours.

Ideal for: Doors, attics and bathrooms

  1. Casement windows. These windows have hinges on the sides and are ideal for homes, where there is need for breeze. Casement windows are not very expensive, and there are a wide range of styles and materials to choose from.

Ideal for: Bedrooms and rooms that need the view, air and light.

  1. Sliding windows. Another great choice for contemporary homes and apartments, sliding windows are great where there is no space for the window panes to open outwards or inwards. There can be single-sliding windows, which open from one sides, or double-sliding windows, which open from left and right alike for better lighting.

Ideal for: Apartments, smaller rooms, balconies that cannot have big doors.

  1. Hung windows: Much like sliding windows, hung windows have two sliding sashes, but these open vertically to allow maximum air and ventilation in the room. If used effectively, these windows can reduce energy bills considerably.

Ideal for: Most rooms, especially apartments.

  1. Panoramic windows. If your home opens to the beach, mountain or other a special view, panoramic windows are a must have. Check with installation services and manufacturers like Unisson to get a better idea of what can work for your space. These are big windows that offer unobstructed views, incredible lighting and enough ventilation.

Ideal for: Living rooms, bigger bedrooms.

Check online now to find more on window designs, and before you select an option, talk to the selected installation service to understand the cost, maintenance, energy-efficiency and other aspects. Keep in mind that you won’t be replacing or repairing the windows anytime soon, and therefore, it makes sense to go for something durable and more effective. Shortlist ideas and make your budget now!

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