What is hard landscaping and why is it on the rise?

What is hard landscaping and why is it on the rise?

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Most homeowners and business owners have heard the term landscaping before. Landscaping typically refers to all of the various trees, plants and bushes that you have planted around a property to increase its curb appeal. What you might not have heard before is the term: Hard landscaping. If you are just starting to learn about all the different factors associated with a garden and a yard’s design, hard landscaping is probably something you haven’t given any thought to. That doesn’t mean hard landscaping isn’t important when it comes to your yard. Hard landscaping is on the rise and becoming more popular because it has a purpose for increasing your curb appeal but also increasing the value of your home or office.

What Is Hard Landscaping?

This term is actually very simple to understand. Hard landscaping refers to any hard materials that are used in the final design of a landscape. The most commonly used items that you will see in a hard landscaping design include:


This is actually more of a border than it is an actual fence. Typically it is constructed out of cement with a pattern stamped on it. Many landscaping companies will specialise in fencing, decking and variety of other related services to give you a full package when it comes to your garden design.

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A path can be constructed out of simple pavers or more elaborate stone. It can be a few steps from one area to the next, or it can go the length of your yard.


A pond shell can be installed into an area of your yard. Foliage and other accents can be built up around the area. You can even home fish in your pond.

Basically, if it has to do with the design aspect of your yard but it isn’t a live plant then you have hard landscaping on your hands. Sometimes these features are designed with aesthetics in mind. Other times they actually have a function in your yard. You might have some water buildup in a certain area of your yard. Using a drainage method of some sort will help remove water from unwanted areas.

Ideas For Hard Landscaping

As with any design, hard landscaping really depends on the size of the yard or property that you are working with. If you have a lot of space to work with then you might be able to include things like fountains or fish ponds. If you don’t have the ample space to include something like this you can come up with some smaller concepts. Fairy gardens are gaining popularity. A stone walkway can be very small but add a lot of character to your yard. Speak with a reputable professional in your area that can help you come up with a variety of ideas that will work with your budget and style.

Whether you are going to plan a hard landscaping design of your own, or you want to hire a professional to create the hard landscaping design of your dreams, take your time to think about what it is that you want. Functionality is incredibly important. Once you have that narrowed down then you can start thinking more about your style and the aesthetics that you are trying to achieve moving forward.