What is a Home Snagging Survey?

What is a Home Snagging Survey?

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A common misconception when buying a new build home is that it is free from issues. While this certainly true in many instances, there are cases where a new build home has a range of problems that need fixing.

Thankfully, most of these problems minor, and the developer of the new build property is fully responsible for any repairs you find during the first two years of residence – providing you find them! To identify any problems with a new build home, you require a home snagging survey.

What is a home snagging survey?

A home snagging survey is the process of checking a new build home for problems. If done during development, it allows a developer to identify issues and correct them before completion. For new home owners, it ensures their home is free from issues, and if any are found they can have them repaired.

This type of survey differs from a traditional home survey in a few ways. For instance, snagging surveys are designed to find every type of issue, whether large or small, from domestic problems to more serious structural issues.

Therefore, a developer should aim to have this survey finished before the completion date of the property. As there is guarantee that a developer uses a snagging survey, home owners often need to arrange for their own survey.

Reasons to Get a Snagging Survey

For anyone that has purchased a new build home that hasn’t received a snagging survey, it’s very important get one completed. This should be done within the first two years of residency, as the developer is still responsible for any repairs costs undertaken during this period.

So, you want to get a snagging survey to ensure there are no problems with your new home. This can vary from small things like a door that doesn’t quite close right to a much more serious problem, such a structural weakness.

Because a home survey doesn’t cover the smaller cosmetic issues, it’s worthwhile getting a snagging survey so you can identify whether your new home comes with any imperfections. After all, a new build home should be almost perfect, but because this isnt a guarantee, a snagging survey is a great option.

How to Get a Snagging Survey

While it is possible to conduct your own snagging survey, it’s virtually impossible to do properly without in-depth knowledge of construction. Instead, look to hire a professional snagging surveyor. This ensures the survey is done to the highest standards, making it easier to find any issues with the house.

Look for a company that specialises in new-build surveys, as this will increase the likelihood of finding more subtle problems with the build. It does costs upwards of £500 for such a survey, but given the investment you’ve made for the home, it’s something worth paying for to avoid more serious – an expensive – issues down the line.