What does steel stud framing offer over wood framing?

What does steel stud framing offer over wood framing?

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Today infant there are many areas where wood framing is strictly prohibited. Due to fire regulations steel is used because it is 100% non-combustable. Steel studs are also 100% recyclable and light weight all while being strong and straight. If done properly there are no gaps in moulding put onto walls once installed to the walls or ceilings. Steel studs can be formed into as many shapes and sizes including circles more easily than wood. And steel framing is has little to no dust and is quite while framing is going on.

Steel Stud Framers are able to build metal stud mezzanines, commercial interior stores and offices, and demising walls. We build exactly to plans and specifications from architects and engineers. Our crews and staff are able to take concept to completion and work with inspectors from all municipalities.

SteelStud.ca Framing Contractors has the ability to do your steel stud framing and drywall projects in a timely manor and with efficient knowledgeable crews. We have a number of contract crews as well as in house framers.

With this flexibility in staffing we have the ability to process almost any interior design project that comes our way.

We have in house estimators so that we can look at your project and come back with a competitive quote. Our teams have been hand picked form experienced steel stud framing contractors. We are ready and able to do projects from one day to multi family towers.

Our services include drywall boarding and taping, insulation, and fire separation.

Let us work with you and your team on your next project Together We Build Relationships & Structures

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