What Attracts Possums?

What Attracts Possums?

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Possums can be a major annoyance when they invade your home – they make a lot of noise, damage property, could spread diseases, destroy your garden plants, and will intimidate your pet if you own one. It is for these reasons that you need to take precautions to make sure that possums do not have a reason to come into your home.

What are possums attracted to?

Possums are attracted to a couple of things which could make your home prone to a possum infestation. By knowing what they are and getting rid of them, you can ensure that possums have no reason to intrude. Possum attractants include:

1.Food and water sources

All pests come into your home in search of food and water. If there is easily accessible food and drink on your property, you can be sure that you will have a pest problem at one point or another. Food sources that could attract possums include:

  • Uncovered outdoor garbage bins.
  • Pet food left outdoors.
  • Standing water such as ponds and leaky plumbing.
  • Left-over food crumbs in the yard.
  • Plants in the garden, both decorative and vegetables.

To keep possums away, you should ensure there are no food and water sources in your home that could attract possums by:

  1. Keeping your outdoor trash cans securely covered to ensure possums and other wildlife cannot access the food waste inside.
  2. Draining any standing water and protecting ponds to ensure possums cannot access water.
  • Cleaning up and clearing food remnants after barbecues and outdoor meals.
  1. Keeping your compost pile in secure compost containers.
  2. Picking up fruits that drop from trees and bushes or avoiding plants that produce appetizing fruits. You can also use netting to protect plants from these critters.
  3. Not intentionally feeding possums as they might get used to humans and invade your property expecting to find food.
  • Feeding your pet indoors. If this isn’t possible, feed your pet outdoors in the middle of the afternoon and remove all food and water sources before dusk.
  1. Shelter

Possums will also invade your home in search of shelter. Low decks, holes, and openings in your home, overgrown vegetation, and clutter can provide shelter or access to it to intruding possums as well as other pests. You can ensure that possums don’t get ready shelter in your home by:

  1. Clearing the clutter on your yard. Remove wood piles and other clutter in your yard.
  2. Mowing your lawn and clearing overgrown vegetation in your yard.
  • Protecting your low decks by covering them with mesh wire.
  1. Inspecting your outdoor walls and covering the holes in them.
  2. Protecting your low windows and ground level vents by installing screens on them.
  3. Locking or covering pet doors at night.

Other ways of keeping possums away

If possums are still a nuisance even after eliminating the above attractants, there are alternative control solutions that you can use to keep them away. These include:

  1. Use a motion activated animal repeller to ward off any possums that may stray into your yard. Once activated these repellers will produce a water jet, a strong light beam or sound to scare away stray possums.
  2. For possums that have already entered your home, you can use live traps to capture them and relocate them back to the wild far away from your home.

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