What are the top American luxury home designs?

What are the top American luxury home designs?

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The US has long played host to some of the world’s finest homes. From mountainside chalets designed for skiers who like a touch of luxury when they come in from the slopes to city apartments crafted with class and elegance in mind, there are beautiful places in which to live dotted all over the USA. Each type of luxury home has its merits, and you’re sure to find a variety of designs on offer, depending on where you look. Beachside homes, for example, tend to have plenty of glass to make the most of the views beyond, while luxury city flats are often chic and minimalist in nature. Whatever you prefer, there’ll be something for you. Here’s an overview, then, of the current major trends in luxury home design across the US.

City slickers

City home design is distinctive at the best of times, and even more so when luxury is involved. Modern urban interior design often involves a lot of long and flat shapes, such as rectangular furniture and sliding doors. Spotlights are used to great effect in these kinds of homes too, by creating a subtle and relaxed feel that complements the relative starkness of the rest of the furniture. Splashes of color are often added, thanks to distinctive and vibrant ornaments, flowers, books and fabrics.

But where exactly in the US can this sort of design be found? Usually, gorgeous city homes tend to be clustered around the more global cities: New York neighborhoods such as the Upper East Side, for example, are likely to be luxurious, while districts that were once considered undesirable but are now artsy – such as Brooklyn – also have these kind of interior designs tucked behind their brownstone terrace exteriors.

On the slopes

Rural living in the US comes in many forms, and there’s everything from high-end ranches to well-apportioned country cabins on offer. But perhaps the main source of “countryside chic” when it comes to interior design lies in the properties to be found on the ski slopes. Design trends in these sorts of properties often include many lush comforts, such as thick rugs and comfy couches, while they tend to also make the most of exposed wood and brickwork (and even marble in the bathrooms) for a fully natural feel. They also tend to incorporate powerful light fittings designed to create a cozy atmosphere against the cold and dark of the snow at night.

Plenty of areas of the US benefit from a strong snow sport community, including the most famous skiing destinations such as Colorado. But it’s worth looking further afield in order to get a luxury home fix. It’s possible to live in the mountains of Park City in Utah and enjoy everything from biking trails in the hills to your favorite snow sports on the slopes, and there are plenty of gorgeous mountain homes for sale here.

Beachside beauty

Hanging out by the pool is something that Americans in states such as Florida and California are lucky enough to do during their long summers. But it’s at the stage when pool time is over and everyone heads indoors that the value of a beachside property comes into its own. Interior design trends in modern American beachside houses tend to follow a similar pattern: they often involve a significant use of outdoor space, and layouts tend to be integrated with the grounds for maximum enjoyment of the outdoor space.

For that reason, it’s common to see large windows facing onto even larger gardens, as well as heavy use of conservatories and other quasi-outdoor spaces. In terms of decor, the walls often make use of pastel or earthy tones that suit the outdoorsy nature of the space. Wood, meanwhile, is frequently used for ornaments and other small items, and that’s because it’s reminiscent of shoreline materials such as beach steps.

In America, these sorts of houses tend to be clustered around various particular locations. They’re notable in the warm climate of rich Southern California, for example, and can often be spotted in Los Angeles suburbs such as Malibu and Pacific Palisades. Over on the east coast, they are noticeable in places such as Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts and Key West in Florida.

American luxury home designs are some of the finest in the world, and there are plenty of gorgeous options available, no matter where you want to live. From the rich, earthy colors that beach houses have to offer, to the minimalist approaches taken in the apartments and flats of cosmopolitan American cities, there’ll be a luxury interior design trend that’s right for you, no matter what you prefer.

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