What Are the 5 Best Lock Brands

 What Are the 5 Best Lock Brands

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If you are unsure which lock to get, and you are also concerned about your security and the security of your family members, don’t be! You can reach out to locksmith Tampa for more information or read this post. There is a lot of information when you search for locksmith near me. Today we will give you a clear picture of the top locks!

Security is a top priority for every man and women since we moved from being nomad to inhabit caves. One of the easiest and one of the oldest methods for security are locks. With the technology advances, we count with a wide range of lock options for our security needs, from high in technologies such as High-security Lock Installations that often require a password to grant access, to most traditional locks, which have proven their effectiveness has they have kept households and businesses safe throughout generations.

If you are unsure which lock to get, and you are also concerned about your security and the security of your family members, don’t be!

Because today we will talk about the 5 best lock brands and I guarantee that after this article you will feel more “secure” when choosing the right locks for your property.


Yale has one of the best reputations in the market; it is really hard to find people who will say that they don’t trust this lock company. People prefer Yale over most brands since it has been protecting their homes and businesses since 1868. And really, who wouldn’t rust Yale? Everyone knows that they are the creators of the cylinder lock which means that most of the recent lock companies owe their business to Yale inventors. Yale offers residential and commercial locks. Yale residential has a wide range of products with the latest technology including smart living solutions such as electronic door locks, alarms and others which help you monitor your home.

Baldwin Hardware

In most home improvement stores you will find Baldwin. This solid hardware company has a lot of history designing hardware supplies that include top notch locks. The company started their business back in 1946 and ever since founded, Baldwin Hardware has been one of the leading companies in this industry. Baldwin locks and overall hardware has been characterized for their solid construction and durable materials, which make them stronger and hard to break and that is the reason why people trust in this brand blindfolded.

 Now, if you are seeking for a high-tech solution to your security needs, The Baldwin Hardware Company just launched their collection of Smart handle sets and deadbolts. According to them, with this technology, people will gain or restrain the access to their gates and doors through the use of smart phones and the Kevo mobile apps.


The name of this brand may not be that familiar to you, but I guarantee that you have at least one of their locks at home. Surprisingly, Kwikset has been around protecting homes since 1946. This lock company has variety in products, mostly technology oriented and its catalog includes SmartKey deadbolts, keyless entry, combination locks, connected home technology, first-to-market smart lock, Kevo.

Also, Kwikset offers more traditional and affordable locks -such as Kwikset Double Cylinder Deadbolt -that are pick and bump resistant due to its hard metal components. The more metal a lock has the more fight it will put up against certain types of forced entry. Kwikset products are cutting age since they work hand by hand with locksmiths and locksmith experts to improve their technology.


“We didn’t invent the lock, we perfected it” that is the Schlage company slogan. According to the history, they improved the concept of the cylinder lock invented by Linus Yale Jr. when in 1921 the Schlage Company incorporated a push to lock bottom between the two knobs. A couple of years later, the push bottom lock began being produced massively.

In conclusion

Today, this great invention still figures in the inside of the homes and businesses, usually in the door locks of bedrooms and offices. In addition to this product, Schlage offers a number of models in knobs, levers, deadbolts and smart and electronic locks. Cylinder locks like the Schlage primus XP high security single sided deadbolt are good options for anti-bump and pick resistance at convenient prices, but if what you are seeking is a more sophisticated product, Shlage locks offer the Shlage Touch models that are 100% pick proof as its design works with a numeric code insertion.

Now you can just run to your favorite locksmith company and acquire the lock that you prefer, and remember if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them, they will happily give you experienced advice.