Was Your Roof Damaged by the Hurricanes in Florida?

Was Your Roof Damaged by the Hurricanes in Florida?

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Hurricane Irma and Harvey left piles of rubbish and damages worth $150 billion or thereabouts in Florida, Texas, Georgia, and other places. If you happen to be one of the property owners affected by these hurricanes and now dealing with aftermath, you need to get your act together so that you can fix your property at the lowest possible cost.

Don’t Fall for Scammers

Hurricanes result in widespread damage. On top of this, scammers are known to frequent places devastated by these acts of nature. It is therefore important to guard yourself against insurance and construction scammers who may want to take advantage of your situation. The following tips will help you in this.

  • Never pay anyone upfront to help you buy roofing materials or repair your home.
  • Never buy insurance coverage from any person who claims to have a policy that covers damage to an already devastated property. .
  • Never allow anyone into your home unless they properly identify themselves and their reason for being there

Dealing with the Damage and Filing Claims

There is nothing as devastating as the forces of water and wind unleashed during storms. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey are going down in history as some of the most destructive in recent history.

One of the steps you should take if your roofing was damaged by the hurricanes is filing insurance claims. Repairing your home can take a long time because of the costs involved and the extent of the damage. Ensure you file insurance claims in a timely manner. The damage should be clearly documented with pictures. This will help in substantiating your claims. The chances that your claim will go through depend on the first contact you have with your insurance company

  • Read and review your entire policy, including any amendments or endorsements
  • Ensure all your communications are in writing
  • Do not accept over the phone recording
  • Create a list of witnesses, including any contractors or employees
  • Gather your previous repair and inspection records for your home
  • Get in touch with an attorney and never give a sworn statement without a lawyer

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

After a damaging storm, it is understandable that you might feel disoriented. However, do not let the situation spill over and affect your choice for a contractor. After getting swept in a surging storm, you wouldn’t want to be swept again in a roofing scam. You deserve better. The following tips can help you get a professional Orlando roofing repair contractor.

  • Manufacturer Designated Contractors – These contractors have a badge of honor because they pass certain minimum requirements. They are proficient and can help you get the job done fast and accurately.
  • Get a Warranty – Not every contractor wants to tie themselves up in a situation where they are forced to redo some work because of a warranty. However, credible contractors will not have a problem giving you an extensive warranty.
  • Licensing and Insurance – Ensure your contractor has sufficient coverage for all his employees and sub-contractors. The licensing must also be valid and appropriate for the work at hand.

Other things to consider include material choices, contractor rating on the Better Business Bureau, and safety considerations. If you are looking for reliable and reputable Orlando roofing repair contractors, companies such as ReRoof America can be of great help!


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