Want To Boost Your Holiday Sales, Why Not Use Gift Guides!

Want To Boost Your Holiday Sales, Why Not Use Gift Guides!

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Marketing tactics are a must to increase holiday sales. Holiday sales is a peak season for businesses and the best opportunity to offer deals and persuade customers. Consumers are expected to go an extra mile as far as spending is concerned which means that if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place, you are already lagging behind. Using gift guides is one such tactic which can help boost your holiday sales.

Read on to know more about the gift guides and how can you use them to boost your holiday sales.

What are gift guides?

Gift guides are helpful marketing contents or can be called a powerful marketing tactic to attract busy holiday shoppers and which is very important to drive sales during holidays if used in the right format, at the right place and time. These can also be seen as a list of products which are compiled for a holiday and targets a specific audience. This is a great blessing, especially for online shop owners. These can resonate with your potential customers and motivate them to purchase and in turn increase your revenues.

Benefits of using gift guides?

There are a lot of benefits of using gift guides, some of them being:

  • An obvious benefit is to increase sale and hence the revenue.
  • Helps to target the audience and can be used to reach out to the target audience with the desired targeted message.
  • Are usually compiled by bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers who have a great reach and access to a large audience who look up to them for inspiration and ideas thereby influencing the audience’s purchase.
  • A product featured in gift guide is exposed to significant audience thus increasing the chances of its sale and increased demand.

Following are some of the ways to use these gift guides:

  1.    Categorize your guide

Structure your gift guide depending on the demographics and behaviour of the customers. Introducing voucherbucket to you which is one such ideal example of categorising the guide.  Following are some of the categories to start with:

  • Budget or the price points: Be flexible with the price points you are targeting and try and include different price points. Use terms such as premium, extravagant etc. to attract them more.
  • Gender: Analyze previous years’ sales, see the product specifications and then target according to the gender or the role your customer is playing like a mother, father etc.
  • Age: You can categorise the products according to different age groups like for children aged 2 and below, for millennials etc.
  • Product type: There are a lot of standard product types available. Add your products to the respective product type and go ahead.
  • Interests: Hobbies and interests of your target audience should be kept in mind.
  1.    Customization is the key

Email has always played an essential role in driving sales but do not send a mass mail as they tend to land up in the spam folder of the recipient. Instead segment your customers according to demographics, interests, purchase behaviours etc. and place them in a different list and accordingly send them customised emails which they will be more inclined and motivated to open and have a look at.

  1.    Be technologically advanced

Don’t forget that most sales happen these days on the go, i.e. from the mobiles, tablets etc. and hence be sure that you are ready to provide your customers with the seamless shopping experience they desire to have.

  1.    Cross-sell the gift guides

Lend a helping hand to your customers by providing the gift guide in the form of bundled product through cross-selling. Cross-selling and bundling are believed to increase the sales and the revenue.

  1.    Make use of social platforms such as Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform where you can display your gift guide using the Pinterest’s boards dedicated to holiday gift guides catering to the needs of different shoppers. Make images which can be easily pin-able on Pinterest.

  1.    Some must-haves to make your gift guide standout

Following are some of the must-haves for s gift guide to drive maximum sales and traffic:

  • Make it relevant
  • Share all the details
  • Show off your product
  • Make checkout easy

With the gift guides in place, you can make full use of the opportunity to target the desired audience, attract the potential customers, keep your products at the top of their minds, and boost your revenue. It is a great deal and a promotional aspect you cannot afford to miss on!!

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