Using Sand, Gravel, and Mulch for Your Home in Edmonton

Using Sand, Gravel, and Mulch for Your Home in Edmonton

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When it comes to home materials like mulch, sand and gravel, how much do you know? If you’re one of many homeowners that is relatively unfamiliar with using materials like these for the home, that’s okay! Learning is part of life and you can always find out more about how you can beautify your home and make practical improvements using sand, gravel, and mulch in Edmonton.

While many home owners might be intimidated by the prospect of home projects, you’ll be all the more excited to use them in your upcoming home projects. They can be a great way to improve areas of your house or just provide a practical function. Read on to discover how sand, gravel and mulch can be used around your home.

Using Sand, Gravel, and Mulch for Your Home


Using mulch in Edmonton around your home is a great way to make it look better and help your plants out in the process! Many homeowners use mulch around their landscaping and plants. Not only does it keep them in place and looking attractive (there are sometimes special kinds of mulch you can order that fit a more decorative purpose), but it keeps water in the soil and prevents it from evaporating into the sky so you can water them less and they are more protected from the elements.

You can also use mulch in your home garden! Many home gardeners do not know that mulch is the secret weapon of many successful gardeners. It keeps water in, but it also prevents weeds from growing, as they aren’t able to get exposed to sunlight and compete with the layered mulch. Over time, this mulch will break down into a fine soil that has a bio-active nature, home to many beneficial bacteria and microbes that make up a network of healthy soil that feeds your vegetables.

Sand and gravel are all well and good, but what can these materials do for your home? Quite a bit, actually! Sand is like the duct tape of movable home materials – you can do almost anything with it. Lay down sand where you’re going to put a pool or even use it in the garden. You can also use it for a fire pit area or put it under a large structure to keep it steady. It can also be used to create a playground in the backyard for the kids to enjoy!


Gravel can be used for a variety of purposes around the home, as well. One very popular use for this material is to use it to make driveways. Gravel can often be a lot more practical than paving because it is not only less time intensive, it is less labour intensive, too. It’s a practical choice for many people with long driveways that need a way to get to the house but aren’t necessarily looking to pave all the way there.

Sand and gravel come in handy for home owners because they’re very easy to work with and manipulate and don’t take all that much time to put down and install. These materials are frequently used by landscapers for home design and are even interchangeable in many cases with mulch in Edmonton.