Using Beaded Curtains to Decorate Your Home

Using Beaded Curtains to Decorate Your Home

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Remember when back in the sixties and seventies, bead curtains were a prominent and common sight in the home? Bead curtains are making a major comeback, and they are once again starting to become popular as a home decor item. They are a perfect fit to spruce up an underwhelming or flat looking room.

There are many ways to use beaded curtains to decorate a home. They can be used to cover unsightly storage area doorways. Use them as doorway beads to create a delightful, novel, and cozy partitioned passageway between rooms. Use acrylic styled beads in conjunction with window drapes, so the beaded curtains shine and glimmer with the sunlight.

Bead curtains come in a huge variety of styles and colors. There are traditional wooden bead curtains that come painted with various patterns. There are acrylic bead curtains that come in shapes such as gemstones, diamonds, flowers, dolphins, stars, and raindrops. You can even get them in pure metal or with LED lights strung on them.

Looking to give a room a sixies or seventies retro feel? How about trying out some circle hoop styled, or chrome colored beads in front of your closet? You can also try out some multi colored pendant hanging beads strung on a wall. They will add a playful, colorful, and unique touch.

You can also get very modern and contemporary with these beads. Add an elegant and dazzling touch with diamond gemstone beads hanging from an exposed staircase. Or you can add a minimalistic touch with small black metallic beads as hanging doorway beads that drape just a few inches down from the top of a doorway.

Use ecclectic shaped curtains, like seashell beads, to decorate a tropical themed bathroom. Hanging beads are even perfect for partitioning or closing off rooms during a party, or as a backdrop for a fun group photo section.

Hanging beads can be an exceptionally extraordinary approach to enliven a room. While curtains made of beads have been around for a long while, they are just starting to be made popular again. The flexibility of this decor piece, and how it can be used in a myriad of ways gives it its strength as a decor item.

Although there are many ways to use beaded curtains for home decoration, these curtains are not without fault. They are used best for fashion, and not function. Bead curtains do not do well at blocking sound, and they hardly block light. They can easily become a burden by having to be pulled aside to pass through, although they can be strung together to minimize this. They are also prone to being easily destroyed by children and pets.

Give beaded curtains a shot for your next home decorating project. You can purchase them online at Target and at Generation Store. Happy decorating!