Urethane Solutions Builds Solid Foundation on Less Than Stable Soil

  Urethane Solutions Builds Solid Foundation on Less Than Stable Soil

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High load capacity Patented Melbourne specialist uses a unique patented type of underpinning. This keyhole solution allows them to relocate the water reactive soil that is unwanted with a lightweight, material that is high load capacity and does not need earth moving equipment to dig.

Solid foundations

They produce foundations that are solid that will stabile a structure or surface from the ground up, often needing to repair work that is sloppy and is half done failed or did not work by other would-be competitors and companies.

Qualified construction professionals

They are a group of qualified construction and building professionals. Urethane Solutions are the recipients of a Master Builders Association Building Excellence Award. They work with the underpinning Melbourne.


Urethane Solutions is:

  • Fast and very cost-effective technology
  • Stablise and support sunken foundations
  • Solve subsidence problems, lift slabs with Urethane

Is your building or home on property and suffers from:

  • Sinking or shifting foundation
  • Cracking walls
  • Instability caused by movement of the soil

This can cause damage that is lasting to your structure or home, reducing by thousands homes or buildings value and also threatening safety.

Properties all around Australia

Urethane Solutions visits assets all around Australia, fixing these problems with only minimal interruption to your lifestyle or work. They use patented geo-polyurethane resin injection, non-invasive, technology. This skilled team will:

  • Slabs that are sunken are realign
  • Lift and then realign concrete floors and slabs
  • Reverse cracking house
  • Realign a left foundation, floors, footings and walls
  • Raise approaches to bridges
  • Stabilize soil
  • Pavement Repair
  • Realign railway tracks
  • Close cracks in wall
  • Fix roads
  • Repair airport landing surfaces
  • Lift footings for home
  • Slab jacking
  • Inject Resin
  • Filling voids
  • Waterproof basements, cellars, basement car parks and tunnels.

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