Underpinning Stops a Shifting Foundation from Damaging Existing Structures

Underpinning Stops a Shifting Foundation from Damaging Existing Structures

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Foundation underpinning is structural support that is added to the foundations of existing structures. It is needed for many reasons. Often the ground under the foundation is not stable or has soils that react with water and the moisture content increases and then it can shrink as they dry. This often causes damage to structures on these foundations – moving them up and down.

Damage done

The fallout or damage are many including doors that stick, walls can crack, corners rotate out, concrete surfaces can become uneven. There are in some cases, glass windows and shower screens that will shatter from pressure caused by any shifting structures.


This is when underpinning is needed to either repair or stop damage to foundations. This is done when the foundations cannot be replaced, but extra support is necessary.


Traditional underpinning in the form of concrete blocks, or piles is engineered to transfer the load of a building down to a stable level but does not work well in some area.

Unique underpinning

Urathane Solutions does underpinning Melbourne. They have over 40 years of experience in the methods of underpinning. They know all the traditional methods of underpinning in Australia but most of the normally used methods don’t work that well. In fact, Australian Standards does not recommend the traditional underpinning methods.

Structural engineer report

A structural engineer will need to examine the structure and collects information about the surrounding soils. With the examination recommendations for different underpinning options are made.

Unique method

This is when Urathane Solutions will come in and do the underpinning that is needed to the foundation. What is unique about Urathane Solutions is they know about other methods of underpinning that do work well in this area of Melbourne. They use a patented urathane solution to treat the soil to help with the soils natural behavior to raise and level foundations, keeping walls, footings and concrete slab surfaces stable.

Underpinning is important before expensive damage is done that can not be repaired.