Types of Flowers For Funerals

Types of Flowers For Funerals

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To show condolences and support, it is very common that friends and family members send flowers to a funeral.  All types of flowers have played a major role in our lives and there are types of flowers that are always used for funerals.  Flowers show honor and respect for the departed person’s life and offer comfort for their family.

When choosing flowers for a funeral, make sure you are selecting the appropriate types of flowers for this somber occasion.  You want to ensure the flowers you pick are appropriate for the atmosphere and not overbearing.  Below are several types of flowers that are acceptable and suitable for a funeral:


Chrysanthemums are one of the more traditional types of flowers for funerals.  They come in an array of colors from white to pink, yellow to tan, and burgundy.  Chrysanthemums are also used for funeral wreaths and white, yellow, and pink are often used as the center flower for sympathy arrangements.


Roses have always been popular due to their beauty; they convey love, elegance, and simplicity.  Roses are also very popular types of flower for funerals.  Roses convey passion and love and are often the flower of choice for placing across a coffin during the funeral.  Red and white roses are the most chosen colors for funerals.

Blue Flowers:

Flowers that are blue in color are extremely popular choices for funerals.  Some believe that blue is the color for sadness while other cultures believe blue is hope and faith.  Some types of blue flowers include:


Iris (the blue Iris is available year round)



Often, white flowers are dyed blue because most flowers do not naturally come in blue.


Carnations are very popular for funerals because they last quite a long time.  White or red carnations are the most popular color choices.  White carnations symbolize truth while red carnations symbolize sentiment. These flowers are very striking when combined with other flowers in an arrangement.


There are several different types of lilies including:

Calla Lilies

Oriental Lilies

Longiflorum Lilies

The flower’s color comes in white, pink, and orange and there many different sizes depending on the type of lily.

In order to create a mixture of flowers in a subtle display will include colors that blend well together and will represent respect and elegance for a funeral arrangement.  Soft pastels such as pinks, purples, and blues will set a very meaningful expression of support.

Vases and floral baskets are also popular arrangements for funerals.  All types of flowers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  They can be sent to the church, funeral home, or to the family’s home.  Funerals honor the life and memory of the one who passed.  Flowers provide comfort during this time of need.

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