Types House Cleaning Service

Types House Cleaning Service

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Handy is a company that puts people in touch with a professional cleaner. Their social media pages have many tips available to read up on to get you on top of your tasks. Different house cleaning companies are offering a variety of cleaning services. Therefore you are given a chance to choose which house cleaning service you require to be carried you to your house. You can choose to hire cleaning services on daily bases or on weekly basis. The hiring of the cleaning services daily will help to keep your home cleaner. The weekly basis is cheaper as compared to the daily basis. Other than the use of the companies there do the companies offer also private cleaners who will offer the same cleaning services as? The private cleaners have all the facilities that are used by the companies. The hiring of the private cleaner can be cost saving as compared to the companies. The issue comes in the case of reliability an also the quality of the services given by both.

Type of cleaning services

There are three main types of hired help. You can get the house cleaned as per your requirement. The services provided by these three types of hired help are almost the same. Therefore the cost of hiring and the quality of the services given remains to be the main factor to consider when selecting the type of hired help to use. These types include

1.Mother’s help 

It is commonly referred to as house helper. It mainly involves women who provide a number of house help services. You can hire their services and get your job done and time. Their charges are relatively lower as compare to the maid service companies.

  1. Freelancer 

Freelancer refers to the unlicensed individuals who do several private jobs. These people are mainly not employed permanently they deal with freelancing jobs. Their services can be bargained since they are not tied to any commercial organization. The advantage of using the freelancing individual is that you can have your cleaning work done at any time. Their services may not be highly reliable since they are not insured.

  1. Maid Service Company

This is the preferred service provider o most of the people. The hiring of the maid service company ensures you quality work. Maid service is insured and licensed therefore are reliable. These companies offer services on the weekly or even daily basis depending on your wish. However, the charges for these services will vary depending on the number of cleaning days. Their charges are also higher as compared to the mother’s help and the freelancers but not beyond your capability.

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