Top 5 Benefits of VR for Real Estate

Top 5 Benefits of VR for Real Estate

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In the wake of what was undisputedly a huge year for virtual reality, lots of different industries are getting a grip on how they can use VR to help achieve their business aims and objectives – and overall offering more benefits to their clients.

Some industries really do lend themselves well into the VR technologies with real estate and architecture being up there with the most suited – here are the top 5 benefits of VR in the real estate industry.

  • Reach prospects anywhere, worldwide

VR fundamentally has the power to present to anyone, no matter what their location within minutes, even seconds. Convey the quality of your arsenal of homes and developments without requiring any of your prospects to travel and suffer unwanted expenses – bring your development to them.

  • Strike the emotional chord

Because VR companies like Voxel Worlds provide the users the chance to fully submerse themselves in a whole new world of properties and developments – almost offering prospects the feeling of being transported – it really can strike an emotional connection for a prospect and a property/development.

VR can ignite creativity; delight and can make the prospect feel satisfied that they’re making a great decision on their next purchase.

  • Keep your costs down

Virtual reality allows developers to replace those extremely costly show home days, scale models and printed collateral – all which needs to be redesigned and updated if a small change is made.

Whilst have printed collateral is always great, VR save a tonne of expenses elsewhere whilst really ‘wowing’ your prospect buyers – and that will instil confidence in your firm.

  • Customisation is everywhere

VR is a lot more than just a ‘walk through’ of a prospect home or development – interactivity allows users to change walls, flooring, colours, fabrics, counters – absolutely anything they need too to envision their perfect home. Give prospects the rewarding hands-on experience of their next home – this makes VR a devastatingly good selling tool.

That next perfect kitchen that your prospect wants? Easily designed and customised exactly to how they’d want it built on their own specifications. Need to design their next living area? No problem – the possibilities with VR and user experience are literally limitless.

  • Capture every angle, every area, everywhere

Virtual reality can take users on a tour of a property including interiors and exteriors. VR is there to let your customers essentially ‘free roam’ as they would do if they were there in person.

This is incredibly important, as a customer will want a ‘no-limits’ experience when viewing a prospect property or development.

Long gone are the days of old school printed sheets, walk-ins and that brown tainted brochure that’s gathering dust on your back shelf. Talk to a leading VR company now to find out how they can truly transform your real estate firm out of 1999 and into 2018 with Virtual reality.