Tips to remember when you redesign your home

Tips to remember when you redesign your home

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No matter your reason for deciding to redesign your home, there are certain rules that must be followed to ensure the best output. I’m going to share these tips with you, so have them at the back of your mind before you even take the first step to changing your home appearance.

  • Know how to prioritize – there are so many design options to choose from, and if you visit Instagram or Pinterest, you will see even more options that could leave you confused.

To avoid running out of funds as you buy the things needed to design a luxurious house, plan your spending and know what to buy first. While some items will just be added decorations, there are some that will make the house look incomplete. Know where your priorities lie. Also remove items that are not needed. You can hire cheap storage units and store the items you do not need.

  • Don’t overdo it – there is the temptation to add more colours, more patterns, more material, etc. Though they can really make a bold statement in the house, it’s not the best way to decorate.

This rule is a universal one. It applies to everything from furniture to wall frames. Don’t stack too many things together in one place or use too much colour in one area, it is better to let moderation guide you.

  • Use a big piece of art – size is important here. As long as it is an artwork, the bigger it is, the better for your home.

Get a big piece of art that you really like and stage it somewhere it can set a good tone of your home. The lounge is a great place to do it.

For the sake of moderation, I advise you to allow the big art work to be the star of that particular space you have placed it. Don’t go adding extras and more extras, it will kill the beauty.

  • Know how to group small items – for situations where you have to add more than two or three pieces of decoration in one space, make sure they are small items like candles and flowerpots.

Such small items don’t give the best look on their own, and bringing them together does the amazing trick of glorifying their beauty.

  • Use plants – they will give a natural feel to the entire house, and that’s something your guests will really find interesting.

They will enhance the look and also keep the house looking fresh and green. What’s really cool about this tip is that it’s not expensive at all, so you get to save money as you go green.

  • Think about the future – as you design your house, ask yourself if the choices you make will have positive impacts on your future plans.

Factors like wanting to have kids, accommodating your old grandparents, having constant parties, or just living a simple life without so many people do have a place in your design plan.

You can’t be using glass materials to decorate your home when you are expecting kids, and you can’t keep things too far apart when you hope to live with old people who might have problems reaching them when no one is around. So keep things in mind as you redesign.

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