Tips to Make Your Exterior Painting Last

Tips to Make Your Exterior Painting Last

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Living in the Midwest can be brutal on your exterior paints. With the constantly changing weather and extreme temperatures, it’s possible to see your hard work go down the drain if not done properly. Contact paint stores in your area for suggestions on how to make your exterior paint last!

To prevent your paint from chipping, cracking and fading, there are some simple tips that you can follow to save loads of money and time.

Pick a High Quality Paint

It’s easy to spot an economical buy and convince yourself of the money you’ll be saving. Tests run by Consumer Report have shown that not all cheap paints can withstand severe weather like you are liable to get living in the Midwest.

Brand names like Benjamin Moore and Hunter Douglas & Graber were some of the economical paints mentioned that can last up to three times longer than standard paints. To find the perfect match for your project, it’s recommended to call or visit your local paint store that specializes in these brands.

Properly Wash and Sand

No matter how high of a quality paint you are using, it won’t bind or last if it is used over a dirty and rough surface. Scrape and sand down your surfaces first and then wash to ensure that the debris and dirt has been removed. This simple step can save you from having to re-paint or do the work all over again.

Paint in Good Weather Conditions

There a certain times of the year that are better to paint in. Times when it is dry and low in humidity are preferred conditions. A paint will not stick well to a surface that is wet and moist, causing an ugly appearance and an improper seal.

Start at the Top

While it may seem easier to start at the bottom and work your way up, it will take you twice as long. By starting at the top you are working with gravity, instead of against it.

Drips will occur and hit the surface below you. By working top to bottom, you can smooth out those drips when you get to them.

Combine Your Paint

By combining all your cans together that are of the same color, you’ll ensure that the end result will be of the highest quality. Professional painters call this “boxing the paint”. They follow this step to ensure a uniform color throughout, plus it allows you to add an extra gallon in if you didn’t purchase enough. Using a five gallon bucket will be more than sufficient for small to medium size jobs.

You can find these buckets amongst other necessary tools at your local paint store. 


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