Tips to Decorate Your Home

Tips to Decorate Your Home

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Home is where the heart is! Make your house the home of dreams by adding fresh flowers to the top of your décor list. With a few simple touches and classic, floral additions, your home will be the epitome of comfort and joy. A home that is nurtured takes care of those who live in it – bringing the residents feelings of contentment and a sense of belonging. Being around nature provides a peaceful, calming aura, and this can easily be incorporated in a home with a couple of easy, fresh flower combinations. We all have our personal tastes and preferences, but few can disagree with the way a beautiful, playful bunch of flowers brightens the home. It’s the way it makes us feel, and at the end of the day;
Home is a wonderful feeling when it’s the loveliest, best place to be!

It starts with a new day; waking up is the way it all begins. The space you get your rest is a key place in life and in the home. Aim to keep it clean and crisp. A peaceful sleep should be greeted with a “happy hello” in a room that looks and feels fresh and dreamy. Your eyes are barely open and your senses come alive – the sweet smell of roses touches your nose and you smile – ready to begin again. Imagine drawing open the curtains to allow in the sunlight; looking to your left and meeting a bunch of bright and soft colours with your eyes. The rainbow of colours lifts your mood and heightens your spirit. The natural light works with the flowers to brighten the overall feel of the room.

The style of a bouquet can elevate your room to a warmer shade, or even tone it down to suit a cooler, more relaxed temperate. For a sunny feel, go for a bright orange and yellow bouquet, or for a more romantic theme – a bunch of classic red roses or flowers in light and dark shades of pink and purple. When it comes to choosing the right décor combination for a bedroom, keeping it simple allows for the most versatility in style and layout. Add your shades of colour with varying styles and flower sizes. There are many options –

• from glamourous lilies, classic orchids, bright gerberas,
• to soft, gentle-looking daisies.

We love working with nature, and by this, we allow the seasonal colours to guide our bouquet combinations for the home. Autumn, for example, will inspire colours of orange, green and shades of brown. This way, the natural outdoor light works best with our choices. Highlight the best features in your home by adding flowers that match, or bring focus, to these key elements. It is great to be able to renew and refresh your home without adding anything more than a loving touch of flora.

Whether it’s the centerpiece on the dining room table, an array of cute bunches to liven up the kitchen, or a fragrant bouquet to wake up to in the bedroom – flowers are an incredibly simple means of adding colour and beauty to a room.

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