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Buying a kitchen bowl seems like a simple thing to do. For most people, when they think of buying a bowl, they imagine that it is as easy as going to the store, picking one that is suitable for their tastes, pay for it and take it home. However, the art of purchasing the right kitchen bowl is not as straight forwards as this. There is a variety of bowls to choose from and this might prove confusing to most people. For instance, there are several types of soup bowls, as well as multiple types of rice bowls. Other varieties of bowls available in the market include dessert bowls, ramekins, rice bowls, and pasta bowls.

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The following is a brief guideline on some of the most popular type of bowls found readily available in the market. The guideline will also provide you with information on the specific uses of each bowl mentioned.

Soup bowls

Soup bowls are perhaps the most common type of bowl found in the average kitchen. The first consideration you should make when selecting a soup bowl is the type of soup that the bowl will be holding. This consideration is important because the shape of the bowl can affect its ability to keep the soup hot for long hours. Hence, before purchasing the bowl determine what type of soup will be kept in the bowl, and whether the soup needs to retain its heat for a long time.

A deep bowl is most suitable for storing pureed soups. Such bowls have high heat-retaining properties, which ensures that they keep the soup hot for longer when compared to the shallow bowls. Pureed soups need to be kept hot for as long as possible, which is why a deep bowl would be perfect.

Shallow bowls also have their own distinct uses. Such bowls are most suitable for heavy soups such as beef or oxtail soup. They are preferred for this purpose because they allow for fast cooling of the soup. They should also be wide so that serving of the soup is done in a clean, easy manner without dirtying the table.

Finally, the narrow bowls are best for the clear soups as these bowls can help maintain the temperature of the soup over a long duration. This makes the soup enjoyable to drink hours after it was prepared.


These are a common tool in majority of kitchens. These dishes are used to serve delicious fancy treats such as the cheese soufflé and the crème brulee. They are aesthetically appealing, which makes them excellent tools to use as serving dishes every time your guests come over. They are good for crème brulee and other similar treats because they can withstand the heat of the oven. This means they are heatproof and will allow you to cook these treats as per the specification of the recipes that you are using. It is best to have each type of the bowls mentioned above because as you can see, each type has its own specific purpose. Using the right bowl for the right food will help prolong its durability, as well as ensure that you enjoy your foods at the right temperature.

Pasta bowls

These bowls are ideal for serving pasta when it is the main meal. Such bowls usually have a wide rim in order to enable easy scooping of the pasta. The wide rim also ensures that there is minimal spillage of the pasta on the table. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning up after a meal.

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