Tips on Choosing Durable Outdoor Furniture

Tips on Choosing Durable Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture manufacturers are known to make pieces that endure the harsh elements of natures. Comprehending the various durability features found in most outdoor furniture pieces can help consumers to know exactly what to look for when shopping.

  1. Only Purchase Weather-Proof Outdoor Furniture

It is very important that you only purchase outdoor furniture that is weather-proof. Outdoor furniture can be made from plastic, metal or wood. Wood can weaken, disintegrate and rot due to over exposure to moisture. Consumers who opt for wood should insist on having it being treated or alternatively choosing wood varieties that are naturally resistant to harsh weather elements. Treated wood does not absorb water and wood varieties like teak wood repel water for a very long time.

Metals can get rusty due to exposure to humid conditions. However, aluminum is naturally rust resistant. Galvanization can help to make other metals rust-proof and thus resistant to corrosion. Plastic on the other hand is not affected by rain water in any way. However, UV rays from the sun can easily tarnish the color of plastic. Plastic furniture is therefore best suited for areas with shade.

  1. Choose the Right Materials

Outdoor furniture durability greatly depends on the material the furniture is made of. There are different lengths or periods of longevity associated with different types of materials such as metals and woods. For example, these stone benches from Outdoor Art Pros will last longer than items made of bamboo.

  1. Purchase Well Constructed Outdoor Furniture

Construction is a key component to look for when shopping for durable outdoor furniture pieces. Screws should be made from brass or stainless steel that is rust-proof. Durable pieces can also feature wooden pegs and dowel that assist in holding the pieces in place for a very long time. Pieces held in place using staples or glue should not be expected to last for long.

  1. Purchase Weather Proof Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and cushions are susceptible to mold and mildew from moisture as well as discoloration from exposure to UV rays. Pillows and cushions made from synthetic fabrics such as acrylic dry more quickly thus making them more resistant to mold, mildew and water damage. Consumers should also look out for pillow and cushion fabrics that are treated to block UV rays.

Tips on Maintaining Outdoor Furniture

Maintenance is also a key component of the durability of outdoor furniture. Even if pieces may have various features to make them more durable in the great outdoors, they still need some care and attention to ensure they stay in good condition. You can follow the below tips to properly maintaining outdoor furniture pieces for extended lifespan.

  1. Apply Stains, Sealers and Oils to Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Oils, sealers and stains help in preserving and protecting the appearance of wooden outdoor furniture. They ensure that the wood remains non-porous so that rain water is repelled and the wood does not rot. Some oils, sealers and stains additionally block UV rays which ensure that the wood does not lose its original color. Wooden outdoor furniture pieces can also be pre-treated on purchase; however, consumers should oil these pieces regularly to preserve their aesthetic appeal.

  1. Clean and Treat Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture does not need a lot of maintenance. Cleaning simply involves wiping the furniture with a damp cloth. Consumers should refrain from pressure washing these pieces as this can lead to damage. As mentioned above, aluminum is rust proof but iron requires to be painted with an anti-rust coating for durability.

  1. Be Gentle With Rattan

Furniture pieces made of rattan are considered more sensitive. Maintaining rattan pieces involves wiping them with a damp cloth and avoiding pressure washing and chemical cleaners as these can damage this material. On top of this, rattan outdoor furniture should be kept in the shade away from direct sunlight in order to prevent discoloration. You should also place rubber stopper beneath the legs of the outdoor pieces to prevent splitting and cracking.

  1. Protect Pillows and Cushions from Mold, Mildew and UV Rays

If the pillows and cushion do not come with special fabric that is resistant to mold, mildew and UV rays, the consumer should make use of spray finishes that protect these crucial items from these harsh elements. Regular washing of pillow and cushion fabrics also ensures durability and freshness. If pillows and cushions become odorous, faded or stained, you should consider replacing only the fabric. This is in a bid to save money.

  1. Cover or Store Furniture

Most parts of Australia are suitable for having patio or outdoor furniture; however, there are some parts that still experience a good deal of rain in winter seasons. Consumers in these areas should invest in covers for their outdoor furniture to keep the pieces dry. You can alternatively opt to store your outdoor furniture in a shed during the rainy season.