Tips for Building Your Own Extension to your Home

Tips for Building Your Own Extension to your Home

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Home extension is a great way of adding versatility and space to your house. In fact, it’s a good option for those who don’t want to buy a new home to accommodate their large families. Let me walk you through some tips for building your own extension to your home;

Manage the project extension

You can take the role of a building contractor. This means liaising with building control department before starting any work. Ensure you have complied with the local planning and building regulations. Secondly, hire an architect once you have decided how you want your building plan to be like. Thirdly, you could hire excavation equipment yourself and operate it in your own hours, rather than hiring contractors by the day. This has huge benefits if the project timeline changes. In addition, you can seek advice to find out what is feasible on the available space and how local factors may affect the modifications.

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Ensure your extension design is simple

You should keep in mind how the extension will affect the look of the existing property. For instance, you can go for standard doors and windows. Similarly, you can use less costly materials to match the roof with that of the existing building. It’s recommended that you go for locally available materials to cut on transportation costs.

Saving on fees

Look for an architectural technician who will charge reasonable prices for their services. You should go for those who have specialized in such projects and have a good track record. Hire someone who is cost effective and will do a good job. A competent architect will save you money in the long-run in case of poor workmanship. Stick to your budget to avoid surprises way half through.

Save money on labor

You can do some of the work by yourself. For instance, you can go for some easy tasks like landscaping. You can also decorate some areas like kitchen and bathroom. However, it’s recommended that you take on tasks which you are competent in. On the other hand, you should hire professionals to do skilled work at a reasonable rate. 

Avoid rogue traders

Today, there are many builders who have high level of incompetence. Hiring such people can result to poor work.It’s important that you ask for references for their past work. In addition, a good builder will not ask for money for things like materials in advance.

Recycle used materials

You can recycle some old materials to save on costs. Further, you can re-use kitchen units, doors, floorboards etc. Alternatively, you can buy used materials over the internet at a cheap price.

The cheapest way to have a dream home extension is to do it yourself. Although the process of extending your home can be daunting, it’s advisable that you seek for professional help within the building industry for solid advice and guidance throughout the process.