Tips and Tricks while using a storage unit

Tips and Tricks while using a storage unit

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A lot of us have rented a storage unit at some point in our life. The reasons to rent one are many, some do it to free some space at home, while others do it to keep things that are not needed safe though the same things may have a lot of memories attached to them, while others do it to keep their belongings safe while they are remodeling their home etc.

I rented a storage unit near me when I took off for a year to Asia to learn their culture. I was gone a full 18 months and I did not want to store my belongings at my parents place. Anyway I knew that I would need them when I returned so the best option was to rent a storage unit. This was my first tryst with storage units; I did not know then that I would be using the services of a storage unit many more times in my life. The experience of renting storage units and using the space has made me realise that people often do not know how to use the space once they have rented. A few tips and tricks to help fellow storage renters are given below:

  • Seal the boxes tight with plastic wrap. This will ensure your belongings stay safe and you need not worry about insects and reptiles getting into the boxes.
  • You should not keep your boxes on the floor because any liquid can enter the storage area, it is ideal to keep your boxes on wooden pallets. Get a few pallets and then place the boxes, they will stay safe from any spills or leaks too.
  • Label each box. This is very important. What happens mostly is that we rent storage units and while renting we feel that we would be using it frequently and hence we would know which item is in which box, but in reality this does not happen for most people. You may return to retrieve something after three months and you will be in a quandary as to where the item was. Then you would have to open many boxes to find the item and then close them again, it is a demanding process. But if you label them correctly you can just move the boxes, read the labels and find the item that you are looking for.
  • Though the storage units come with security you need to have a padlock installed. This is a must; it is one added safety feature which will keep your belongings safe.
  • You will be amazed to see that even the smallest storage unit can hold a lot of items. The way you stack them is the most important. You can stack boxes till the ceiling but you should do that in a careful way and ensure that they do not fall. Speak to people who regularly use self storage units and get to know the ways to stack a lot of items in a small space.

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