Time to do Some Cleaning and Replacing Items before Winter Sets In

Time to do Some Cleaning and Replacing Items before Winter Sets In

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When the weather turns cooler and the leaves in the trees are changing, comes that time of the year when you might want to replace something in your home. These things are usually some that indicate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming.

Heating system

The first thing that you should do is to check out your heating system to see if everything is running well. And it certainly is the time to replace the heating filter in your system. You can order these from the replacement parts store. They have many sizes and usually they sell in pairs, but it is important to change the old one out before winter arrives.


In the bath department there are several items there that probably need to be changed including:

  • Replacement heads for electric toothbrushes
  • Bathroom tub mats
  • Bathroom rugs

If you are looking for a non-stick bath mat which surprisingly is hard to find, you can find them at the Think Crucial.org. You can also find filters for any water filter that you have. They don’t get replaced enough, so why not replace this filter too.

Kitty box filter

It is also time to change the filter in your cat’s kitty litter box and you can find them at the online store also. While you are checking out the kitty box check to see if there is any damage to it. Cats fighting over the kitty box cause some problems, so just examine to see if they can wait until spring.


This is also the time of the year to clean-up the pool and pool area from the crazy summer your family had in the pool. There are filters that need to be changed here also and some owners will drain the pool and clean it out. There are also pool covers that can be put on. This make sure that everything is cleaned up so when summer comes, your pool will be ready. Find all the tools you use for the pool and lock them away for the season.

Air conditioning units

If you have any window air conditioning units as they have filters that need to also be changed and then cover the air conditioner with the covers that you have for them. You can look for all this at Think Crucial.com also.


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