Three Unique and Specialty Window Options

Three Unique and Specialty Window Options

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Windows are important in every home. Obviously, they let in natural light but they can also help with temperature control and ventilation.  There are many different types of NeuFenster windows, all designed to offer different practical benefits.  Each are better suited, for example, to different climates. There are also a few unique and specialty window designs that can provide certain benefits in order to address specific needs of your home.

With that in mind, here are three unique and specialty window options for your home:


Not every home will have glass block windows—as they are not practical on most fronts—but you will certainly recognize them when you see them.  Because of their nature you can’t really see through them, but that is probably why they are so popular as bathroom option. Similarly, they are also often frosted or built with designs to further aid in visibility obstruction while still offering light diffusion in a small space.  And if they are installed in a bathroom, for example, they will probably be paired with another type of window that opens, even slightly, to offer ventilation since glass block windows are permanent and cannot be opened or moved.


If you are looking for something a little special or different, you might want to consider installing a garden window. These are often found in the kitchen—perhaps above the sink—and are characterized a bit like a miniature bay window intended for planters and flower pots instead of chez lounges.  You can install several shelves if you want but remember that the purpose of this window is provide your plants with adequate sunlight while in a refined, controlled space.


While not very common, the egress window style is still an important one.  Mostly used in homes with a basement, these windows are small but accessible, allowing escape from a room in the event of a fire or other emergency in which you could not use the door.  As a matter of fact, most modern homes have some kind of egress window available in all or most rooms that do not have access to a reliable exit.  For example, each room in a basement apartment should have at least one egress window. Be sure, however, that you understand the special function of these windows—and comply with fire codes—before you install them in your home.