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Thomson Industries

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Thomson industries work with suburban owners, manufacturing businesses, house builders and client-oriented approach. They have an eminence for capable expertise and product knowledge. They are always ready to solve your problems no matter what condition. The team is motionless learning, progressive, strong-minded to uphold the honesty daily to make their client faithfulness and to grow the company. If you have any problem which relates to new heating, hot water tanks, air conditioning, furnaces, tank fewer water heaters, gas fireplaces, open-air fireplaces, plumbing installations, BBQ conversions indoor air quality products. HVAC Port Coquitlam team provide services to many areas nearby their centers. Every work and techniques are tried and tested that helps to do the right job. They are maintaining the high level in the business because of the high expertise team.

The emergency services are available 24 hours a day. They repair many models of furnaces, heating systems, and hot water heaters.

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Air conditioning

The team allowing us to repair and fit all model of air conditioning system and liquidize unit. The team either uphold and fix your active system or completely substitute it. If you replace a system more than 15 years old, it is a most effective solution because of it will save 55 percent on your electricity bill. They provide and install a different kind of systems like Air conditioning systems, ductless system, condensing units, air handlers, add-on air conditioning system and compressors. They have specialized in replacement of energy efficient, housing and industrial air conditioning system. All the time Thomson Industries Ltd. takes care of your comfort and the teams are devoted to keeping their customers fresh. They offer 100% client fulfillment on every plan and a wide collection of air conditioner models at affordable prices to match your AC installation needs. For more details about the services, you can check HVAC Port Coquitlam official site.

Hot water heaters

They also offer service for hot water heaters with tank fewer systems. The team is enthusiastic about creating long-lasting relations with their clients by offering high-quality boiler stuff and services. They have specialization in repairing and installation of the boiler system. They provide the service within hours. If you want boiler no matter how big the size is, commercial or residential, repair or fit, the team of Thomson industry always offer you a better solution.


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