This Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Design Solutions

This Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Design Solutions

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If you’re trying to think of something social to give your mom this coming Mother’s Day, consider adding to her smart home features like motorized window coverings. There are a number of advantages that can make this an appealing gift for someone you hold dear; not only is it a gift she is bound to make use of, it could potentially make life easier for aging individuals, for whom mobility is becoming, each and every day, a more significant issue.

Every day, your mother will think of you with gratitude in her heart for adding this new convenience to her life. Here, then, are just a few of the benefits that design solutions, such motorized window coverings, can offer the woman who influenced your taste making skills – indeed, to celebrate your mother to the best of your abilities, you might look to a company specializing in the aesthetics of functionality, such as ResCom Designs in the Greater Toronto Area, and their various offerings pertaining to windows, as well as highly-organized custom closets.

Easier Living

There’s no denying that convenience is a concern in looking at modern interior design innovations. Traditional window coverings can be problematic, especially for older parents who lack the strength to struggle with resistant drawstrings. Conversely, just the touch of a button can adjust the settings of motorized window coverings. This is especially helpful, if the home’s windows are larger than standard. Adding an even greater level of convenience, you may even be able to set up a mobile device to control the coverings remotely.

An Added Security Feature

Believe it or not, installing motorized window coverings in Toronto can help boost home security. Just as they can be controlled remotely, motorized window coverings can also be set up to function randomly at specific times of the day. This is helpful by giving the appearance of someone being at home, when the family is out and away from the home. This type of movement will frighten off would-be burglars. Instead, they’ll move on to a home that looks vacant from the outside. 

Save On Maintenance Fees

Another consideration in making interior design additions is how will it save on money. Traditional window coverings can rip or become worn through frequent handling. No matter how careful you are, the material will eventually give and the rods and fixtures will become loose. That type of wear and tear is much less common with motorized coverings, because it’s all electronic and automated in order to optimize functionality – indeed, there’s no pulling or snagging of materials

Enjoy Versatility 

Finally, some people worry that they’ll be limited in their window covering options with a motorized system. This simply isn’t true. You can have as much variety as you would in choosing traditional coverings. Venetian blinds, sheer curtains, drapes, slats, and shades all work in conjunction with motorized systems. Whatever your particular preference, adding this convenience won’t inhibit your self-expression. 

Giving the gift of motorized window coverings is something that will be appreciated for many years. Whether creating an entire smart home or simply adding this one convenience, motorized window coverings can bring ease, security, and savings to any home that any mother could marvel at.