Things to pack for your camping trip

Things to pack for your camping trip

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Right now is the season for activities in the great outdoors and camping is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy quality family time. Australia is lucky to be home to amazing resident wildlife, as well as rich and diverse landscapes ranging from dramatic coastal reserves, a stunning rivers edge or remote granite cliffs. There is always something different to discover and explore when out and about thus pack your camping gear and soak up all the natural beauty this country has to offer. No matter if you’re a seasoned bush camper or a comfort-seeker, apart from freedom camping there are national reserves, holiday parks and serviced campgrounds that will hold a camping experience perfect for everybody to enjoy nature.

When you plan your trip know that there’s no right way to pack when going camping since the items you want to bring will depend on the type of camping, the activities you have planned and the place you are going. But bear in mind that camping means living a minimalist lifestyle for a short period so only pack things that will suit your individual needs. More so, cutting down to the basics will spare you from having to carry oversized bags.

Apart from the obvious clothes to suit all types of weather, toiletries and food, here are some tips to help you figure out what essential things to pack for your camping trip.


A small backpack is great for any activity that involves more gear than you can carry in your pockets. You can use it for hiking or other daily adventures to bring the kids snacks or swimming gear.


A rope is a multi-tool that can be used for various things. It can be a clothesline, a towing device, used to secure a tent or even act as a rescue line to tow people out of a situation.


A tarp is obviously a great shelter when it rains, but it also provides shade on those hot summer days. A tarp is easy to fold and only takes up a small amount of space in your bag.


A flashlight is an essential piece of equipment to bring on a camping trip. It helps you find your way around a campsite after dark, reading at night or by carrying out tasks like cooking.


Make sure your firewood is already cut into manageable pieces and has a long burn quality like vintage ironbark to keep you cosy when nights get colder. There’s also something nostalgic about cooking your morning coffee over open flames.

Pots and pans

There are light pots and pans especially designed for camping and to use with fire cooking. Bring two or three and use paper plates to serve your meal on only to dispose of them in the fire right after eating.

Map and Compass

A map of the campsite and its surroundings is essential to plot your trail if you plan to go on hikes. Despite having a GPS built in your mobile phone, keep in mind you might run out of battery so use a compass if you’re out venturing and get surprised by dawn.

First aid kit

A first aid kit should include materials to deal with burns, scratches and cuts that are bound to happen when active, as well as bandages at various sizes and common pain relievers. Make sure to bring the kit on your excursions as well.


A whistle is useful if you get lost or are in danger to let other people in the area know you need help in an emergency situation.

Pocket Knife

For tasks such as cutting rope, sharpening sticks, and cooking meals a pocket knife is a basic tool that takes up no space in your bag and can be life-saving when camping due to its versatile opportunities to use.

Remember when packing things for your camping trip, a little planning goes a long way. Try to pack lightly and use organisers to separate items so you won’t get a headache trying to find everything you put in one bag.