Things to consider while choosing real estate agents

Things to consider while choosing real estate agents

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A trustworthy real estate agent could be of real help when you decide on selling your home. Selling off your property could be one of the most important financial decisions that you ought to take in life. This article throws some light upon finding the right estate agents and building a successful partnership for meeting your goals.

Achieve a few referrals

You’re bound to come across so many agents out there in the market. Is there a specific manner to choose the right agent? You may seek referrals from your friends, but you must be careful about judging an agent after going through the reviews. Apart from your residential proximity, you must also count upon their market location. If you’re based in Surrey, you’re more likely to work with an agent that’s familiar with your neighborhood. Estate agents in Surrey have more information on the market scalability of properties and the ways in which your property can be marketed over there.

Probe their business stats

You must conduct interviews with all prospective Surrey estate agents in advance. A successful agent should be able to share his career statistics with you without any hiccups.

Consider agents that can provide vivid answers to the following:

  • How many years have you been in business? An agent who has spent a minimum of 2 years in the industry is capable of learning the tricks of the trade.
  • How many houses have you been able to sell during the past one year? An agent should be able to bag around 20 sells per year. He should be able to convert a minimum of up to 80% of his listings.
  • Can you suggest the ratio of your average list price to that of your net sell price? You must look for a good figure even when the conversions are affected by the market fluctuations.

Analyze their marketing skills

You must widen the scope of opportunities by reaching out to members of audience. You must ask three questions to determine the true ability of an agent.

Can you market my home effectively?

Remember that your agent must possess an effective email subscription list and be associated with a brokerage website that projects your listing efficiently.

How efficiently can you utilize social media?

Your listing can be marketed via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Sharing pictures via Instagram will even help you accumulate bonus points.

Are you capable of promoting it offline?

A few time-tested methods like that of using brochures, hoardings and fliers could actually prove to be effective. These options work well in areas where a significant portion of the neighboring population gains an easier access to such offline material.

Do you have a preset advertising budget?

The place of residence has a strong impact on the advertising budget of the real estate industry. A confident agent should actually spend a certain amount towards advertising every year. You may inquire about their advertising platforms to get a hint how they’re doing.

Don’t pick an inexpensive option

Inexpensive agents aren’t always the best option that you have in hand. New agents need to boast about their expertise even when they seek a lower rate than that of their experienced counterparts. It’s quite evident why these agents work at various price points depending on the abilities. You may easily inquire if your agent is able to provide you a discount, especially when you have great offer in mind. However, an experienced agent will not take the plunge early on.

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