Things to Consider Before Moving Into Your New Home

Things to Consider Before Moving Into Your New Home

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Change The Locks

A couple moved into an older home and it wasn’t long after moving in that they learned the previous owner shared their washer and dryer with half of the neighborhood. This meant besides the generosity of creating a free laundromat service for a handful of neighbors, several strangers had a spare key to their home.

You don’t know how many people have a key to your home, make sure to change the locks first thing to avoid any possible theft or uncomfortable situations when you have to inform people the laundromat is no longer in service.

You don’t have to buy new door knobs for every door. Just call a locksmith to supply new locks which is around $20-$30 per lock. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Clean The Vents

Whether you’re moving into a newly built home or an older home this tip remains relevant. Dust that has settled during construction or over the course of time can be blown out of the vents spreading throughout your entire home once activated. This has proved to be a very helpful tip especially if you plan on painting. There’s nothing worse than spending hours painting a room and then blowing dust around.

Seal Cracks

You may be new to this house, but the pests have been around for a long time. Make sure before moving in all your cherished goods that you check for any pest infestations and seal any existing cracks leading outside. If you find yourself overwhelmed with a pest infestation and are eager to get moved in, contact Rove Pest Control in Minnesota. They work quickly and make sure to use eco-friendly products which means they aren’t harmful to you, your family, or your pets.

Plan a Party!

You’ve moved into a new place, it’s an exciting time! Get to know your new neighbors and introduce them to some of your personal friends as well. This is a great way to quickly learn the in’s and out’s of the neighborhood including the best bars to hit, the quickest routes to the grocery store, or even to gain some housewarming gifts! No pressure to have everything spick and span or to have an immaculate meal planned. Just open the door and have some pizza delivered.

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