The Smart Air Con Servicing as Per Your Requirement

The Smart Air Con Servicing as Per Your Requirement

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Nothing is more terrible than feeling uncomfortable at home, being stifled in the heat of summer, due to a breakdown in the air conditioner. A true deus ex machina without which the temperature would be ideal. From SGHomeNeeds all the below mentioned information would be perfect.

In order to be able to use your conditioner at your leisure, when it is needed most, its regular maintenance is a must. Indeed, the systematic and permanent maintenance of the air conditioner would avoid increasing expenses for repair costs in case of malfunction.

The very first thing to remember before taking any action on the air conditioner is that it is imperative that the conditioner is no longer powered by a current. In other words, disconnect the power supply is mandatory.

Air conditioner inspection

This step is essential during the maintenance of the conditioner and will be done inside and outside the house. Inside, you must check the vents of the device to guard against possible alteration of the air flow and to ensure that frost is not installed on the device. Outside, the vents are also to be inspected to see if they are still clean and not clogged with leaves.

The interview

To keep the air conditioner in good condition, external cleaning is a must. To do this, simply wipe the outside of the conditioner with a damp cloth or smooth it with a dry cloth. It should be noted, however, that the use of solvents or household stain removers is strongly discouraged.

The air filter

Accumulation of debris and dust in the air filter can cause clogging and a reduction in the efficiency of the unit. It is important to check and clean the air filter every 15 days to avoid this problem. The filter should be vacuumed, or washed with soapy water. Before replacing it, make sure to rinse it and dry it. At the same time, it is important to point out that a dirty and damaged filter can cause deterioration of the unit, so it may be necessary to replace the filter if necessary.

Other tips for maintenance

For sanitary reasons, if the air conditioning system has ducts for air, they must be cleaned every three years to prevent them from getting dirty. It is the same for the refrigerant whose leak could be at the origin of an annoying noise and a decrease in efficiency. It would then be necessary to repair the leak and replace the refrigerant.

Properly covering the air conditioner is just as important as cleaning it, it is essential to wrap the power cables well and cover the conditioner well.

Before restarting the appliance, the condensate pan must be empty and correctly positioned.

The entire system requires special care, subscribing to a maintenance contract could prove to be a necessity in case of specific maintenance that would require the assistance of a professional not to take the risk of damaging the air conditioner .

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