The Many Uses of an Access Platform

The Many Uses of an Access Platform

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An access platform is the perfect tool if you need to work at a height, particularly at great height in which working without an access platform would be all but impossible. When choosing the right option, you must ensure you have the correct qualifications needed to safely operate the machine, or that you have additional personnel on hand with the qualifications do it on your behalf. For this, you or the workers you manage who plan to use the platform will require specialty training in order to have access to a platform.

Once training is complete and you know you need an access platform, you need only contact the right companies to get your platform hire started. These professionals will make your construction project far simpler to complete, and having a platform on hand when projects become too high to manage will save time and money. Additionally, the same companies that offer platforms are happy to deliver ready-mix concrete, mobile toilet hire, and much more to make your construction project more efficient and productive.

Their Importance

Access platforms ensure all workers can operate in a safe and secure environment when working at great heights without added danger. Workers can be easily attached to the platform via the use of specialised harnesses and other gear to ensure the risk of a fall is at a minimum. There are four general types of access platforms available, and each will offer a different type of advantage or benefit that is best suited to your project.

Scissor lifts work on a vertical scale, which is ideal for tasks on multiple storeys or levels, and this is the type of platform most commonly used by window washers. A cherry picker will grant workers the chance to move freely on the end of a crane with controls capable of adjusting the height and angle of the platform. Electric hoists are most commonly found on scaffolding, and these transport workers and equipment up multiple storeys at a time.

Finally, work platforms are ideal for indoor use or for work requiring low-level maintenance. These are especially beneficial for workers working in lighting, such as with LED lighting that must be fitted in commercial property or buildings. If you plan to paint the exterior walls of your construction project at the end of the project or if you want to clean the windows, this is a good choice in access platforms.


The key role of an access platform is to allow workers access to portions of a construction site or building that are otherwise out of reach to them. These require special training and skills to operate safely, but it is very cost-effective and simple to receive this training for a team of chosen workers. Not only will you see fewer accidents on site when using proper safety and maintenance protocol, but you should see your workers produce more efficient work and remain more productive if you have something such as this available for them to use throughout the project.

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