The Leaders in Renewable Energy

The Leaders in Renewable Energy

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It has always been difficult for different countries to agree on different views on life, politics, religion, etc. One thing that everyone should come to terms with is the world itself and a will to preserve it for future generations.

Whether you believe in climate change or not, some countries have decided to take the fate into their hands and rearrange their resource consumption.

Experts at Action Solar made a list of some key countries which are a leading by example, using renewable energy, and turning away from the old ways and embracing wind, solar and other sources of renewable energy as their primary fuel.


Iceland has gone really far in putting their trust in renewable energy as their primary energy source. They rely on their pretty uncommon landscape by using power from geothermal and hydroelectric plants to provide electricity and heating for their home. Nearly 100% of the energy they use is of renewable origin.


Sweden has also gone pretty far in their goal to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels for electricity production and replace it with renewable sources.

Sweden is one of the leading examples for the rest of the world in their attempt to have a healthy life in a clean environment and rely completely on natural and renewable energy sources. They focus on storing the energy for later use and smart grids which minimize the loss.


Yet another Scandinavian country, Denmark, is ahead of the rest of the world with their goal to completely replace their fossil fuel use with a renewable energy, mostly wind farms off the coast.

They’ve already achieved to cover 40% of their electricity needs with the power of the wind, and they plan to rapidly increase that number by 2020.


The USA has a big potential due to big solar and wind capabilities, yet the USA is still one of the biggest consumers, so renewable sources cannot be sufficient to run the country in full capacity and cover all the needs at this point.

If played smart, it is predicted that the USA could cover around 80% of their energy needs, without increasing any costs, in the period of the next 15 years.

Solar installers in San Diego and other major cities, predominantly in California, are leading the pack by equipping homes with solar panels which can feed into the grid when necessary.


Kenya is considered one of the leaders of renewable energy consumption in Africa. They were able to replace 50% of their fossil fuel use with geothermal sources. They also managed to build the biggest wind farm in Africa and cover about 20% of electricity needs.


Morocco has almost 360 sunny days per year and has been smart to focus their attention on building facilities to generate solar power. So much so that they are planning to use solar, wind and hydro power to provide up to 1 million of households with energy from renewable sources in the near future.

Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Costa Rica is a small Central American country with a varied landscape filled with 67 volcanoes. They have been able to combine all of the advantages from wind, sun, geothermal and hydroelectric sources and are determined to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuel in near future.

A similar situation is in Nicaragua where people rely a lot on geothermal sources thanks to a large presence of volcanoes, and a general plan is to achieve 90% of renewable energy reliance in two or three years from now.


Germany is one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to solar energy, they have been able to increase the amount of renewable energy used immensely in the past 20 years or so.

They have succeeded in meeting about 80% of the country’s electricity demand with only renewable energy sources. The future is sunny in Germany.

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