The House Search: Just how many homes should you view before making an offer?

The House Search: Just how many homes should you view before making an offer?

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Many of us who have been through multiple moves have been there – suffering from the feeling that there must be one or two more properties out there that we haven’t considered, that might be an even better match for our criteria, even better value for money, in an even better neighbourhood. That we might just be settling for fear of letting things get complicated. Others of us have found ourselves at the opposite end of the spectrum, feeling more and more like robots as we trudge around yet another house, with each sitting room looking concerningly more like the last, forgetting what we’re supposed to be looking for and hoping that a decision will just fall in our laps, spending our evenings immersed in estate agents’ brochures.

So what is the right number of properties to look at before you make a decision and put in an offer? Too few and you might be left wondering what might have been, too many and the features of contending houses all seem to blur into one, and you may end up losing sight of your goal and missing out on the best deal. Liverpool Property Solutions is an independent letting and estate agency with lengthy and broad experience of helping both buyers and sellers work out exactly what they want. Here are their thoughts on the matter.

If you feel like your search is never-ending, you’re not alone. You might just be within the 10% of individuals in the country who feel they need to view sixteen homes before making their choice. While this might seem arduous, people tend to work their way through huge numbers of criteria, including room size, location and interior decoration, before they can be sure they’ve found their dream house.

Surprisingly, fairly similar numbers of viewers find themselves within the 1 – 3 bracket (31%) and the 9 – 15 bracket (24%), with those at the lower end “falling in love” with a property almost immediately, or simply finding that their eagerness to get on the property ladder as first-time buyers overwhelms any other parameters they have set.

On average, though, it is most regular, and most advisable, to undertake extensive research – talking to neighbours, viewing video footage and spending time in the local areas where you can – and create a firm shortlist of between four and eight properties that you feel would suit you best. Never settle for somewhere to save hassle, but if something feels right and matches your criteria, stay on your guard against the creeping sensation of cold feet and remind yourself of exactly what it is you want.

If you require help or assistance when creating your shortlist and viewing your chosen properties, simply get in touch with Liverpool Property Solutions today on 0203 368 8597 or via email at and one of their knowledgeable property specialists will be more than happy to assist you.